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Bridal Shower Party Favor Ideas

As your bridal shower ends, send each guest home with a small trinket or gift to remember your special event. Below are a few bridal shower party favor ideas to help you put the perfect end to the perfect bridal shower!

Around the Clock Bridal Shower: Since this is such a broad theme, as long as you pass out favors that can be appreciated by all guests, then they should be a hit! For a funny play on words, favors can consist of an inexpensive (but cute) clock or different favors based on a different time of day, which will follow the theme of the bride's gifts. For 7am, a guest could receive a small bag of coffee or pancake mix, while a guest that receives 9pm could be given a small nightlight or bubble bath.

Tea Party Showers: Send guests home with tea bags from your favorite provider or an inexpensive teacup and plate. Additionally, tea cookies or pastries like petite fours or scones can be given for the full effect! Tea Party showers can be proper, fun and frilly, but they can also be modernized with trendy colors, funky teas and hip serving cups.

Linen and Lingerie: These parties are super feminine, so send guests home with a "romance kit" that includes a candle, mints and some lip balm. You can usually find these items and get them personalized at any gift store for an extra special touch. Other ideas (that can even be used before the wedding) are pairs of panties with "bridesmaid" or "maid of honor" embroidered on them. For those with a larger budget, hoodies, tank tops or sweatpants can be used as attire for pre-wedding makeup and hair, and will be used for years to come.

Wine Tasting: After a wine tasting shower, wine glasses personalized with “Sarah’s Wine Tasting Shower” – in both long-stemmed and no-stem versions are great options. Wine glass charms have also become popular, and can be paired with cocktail napkins or wine stoppers. All of these items are also easy to personalize.

Around the House Bridal Shower: Keep these favors domestically-themed, including candles, wine stoppers, coasters, cocktail mixes, cleansing wipes, kitchen gadgets, magnets or cocktail napkins. Around the House bridal showers are perfect for the new crowd as well as the older one.Around the House bridal showers are perfect for the new crowd as well as the older one.

Garden & Tools Shower: Garden & Tools is an excellent theme for both the groom and bride-to-be, so keep the favors gender-neutral. Tools like small shovels, wrench sets, gardening gloves and all-in-one tool kits can be given to each party, while packets of seeds personalized with the bride and groom's information make perfect favors. That way they can plant the seeds when they get home and will be reminded of the couple's lovely union when they start to bloom.

Stock the Kitchen/Stock the Bar: Since the guests are helping you get the couple's home ready for entertaining, give them something a party favor to keep them coming back to visit the bride and groom! For Stock the Bar showers, distribute personalized shot glasses, coasters, mini’s or koozies. For Stock the Kitchen celebrations, favors that are chef or food-themed are also perfect. Give out $5 certificates to local coffeehouses or dessert bars, or select small kitchen necessities like kitchen towels, kitchen candles or colorful spatula sets.