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Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games are an absolute essential to any party. These not only break the ice, they help members of the bridal party, friends and family get to know each other. We've given you some ideas to get the party started, but you can turn just about any game into fun bridal shower entertainment. Your guests will be in stitches (the laughing kind) before the end of the party.

Two Truths and a Lie You've probably played this as an icebreaker in many different situations, but you can always give this a bridal-themed spin. The general rules of the game call for each player to list out three things about themselves two truths and a lie. The goal is to list three different things that are equally wacky so it will be hard for other guests to guess which statement is a lie. For a more focused game, tell the players that their three statements must be about their current or previous love lives. This can get a bit racy, so make sure all of your guests are comfortable with it before beginning.

Pearls of Wisdom This game is excellent for those who are a bit more traditional. You can either ask participants to come with their words of wisdom already written down or let them create some at the shower. Buy a scrapbook for the soon-to-be bride, pre-decorate it and then give each guest a page to complete. Make sure you have plenty of scrapbook accessories to make this gift unique and decorative. This is also excellent for a bridal shower with arts and crafts enthusiasts.

Gown & Veil Dress-Up This game is budget-friendly and also excellent if there are plenty of brave and creative types in the crowd. Purchase toilet paper, markers and other items to create funny and eclectic wedding dresses and veils. Divide everyone up into groups and have each designate a model who will wear their creation. Give them five minutes to design a ridiculous wedding outfit. Craziest apparel wins a prize!

Prizes to give out during these bridal shower games can be similar to the party favors you present at the end of the party. The end result of these games isn't to have a bunch of winners; it's more about the bride having a fun time and the guests getting to know each other. Offer the winners stationery, coaster sets, bubble bath, lotions, lip gloss or other fun essentials.