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Bridal Shower Etiquette Frequently Asked Questions

Riddled by the registry? Puzzled by party games? Befuddled by proper bridal shower etiquette? We're here to help. Our bridal shower experts have answered some of the most common questions asked by those throwing or attending the bridal shower. Theyíve offered up some solutions that promise to please the bride-to-be and make the most of the impending celebration.

Q. How soon should I send out the bridal shower invitations?

A. Bridal shower invites should be sent out 4-6 weeks in advance. Itís especially necessary to leave a good amount of time for out-of-town guests to RSVP. Include information about the couple's registries and include instructions if it is a themed party.

Q. Is it necessary that the bridal shower invitations match or look like the wedding invites?

A. Definitely not! A bride having a formal wedding may enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of an informal bridal shower, while a bride thatís having a casual wedding may feel that her shower is an opportunity to fancy things up. The shower invites donít have to look like the wedding invitations; they are two separate events and should be kept as such.

Q. Who should host the bridal shower?

A. If the maid of honor lives close to the bride, she should throw it, but if she does not or is not able to, a close friend should offer.

Q. When should the bridal shower be held?

A. Since the bride and her bridal party are usually very busy planning the big day, itís necessary to ask the bride and the people planning it. They are normally held one or two months before the wedding, but can be scheduled or earlier or later if need be. Just make sure it isnít scheduled to close to the wedding due to the additional stress it may cause.

Q. Who should I invite to the bridal shower?

A. Since this is a party celebrating the bride and those closest to her, she should have the final say on the guest list. Just make sure that when sending out invitations to the wedding, everyone thatís invited to the shower will also be invited to the wedding.

Q. How ďproperĒ should the bridal shower be?

A. Many ladies ask this question since a lot of showers sometimes include racy party games and tawdry talk. Itís best to use your own judgment in this situation. If youíre inviting any of the brideís relatives (especially Grandma), consult with the bride on the matter. Always make sure sheís comfortable as the events unfold. If during the shower, you notice the discussion or games are heading somewhere inappropriate, itís your job to steer everyone back in the right direction!