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Boy Graduation Invitations | Graduation Announcements for Boys

Your son's graduation is a special time for the graduate as well as you as a parent. Whether he is celebrating a graduation from high school, college or graduate school, you'll want to share his accomplishments with family, friends and associates with a boy graduation invitation or boy graduation announcement. This collection of graduation essentials features stately and masculine graduation invitation designs that will coordinate with his graduation style, school spirit or upcoming career path. Choose from digital photo boy graduation invitations, school color boy graduation invitations or graduation invitations with cap and gown themes. Show off his school pride and celebrate the many hours of studying, hard work and dedication he practiced leading up to his graduation day, with a boy graduation invitation from our masculine collection.

Fine Grad
Graduation Tassel Invitation
Classic Graduation Photo Graduation Party Invitation
Swirling Red and Blue VIP Graduation Invitation
2018 Ribbon - Blue and Red
Repp Tie - Red & Blue
Class of Lime Chalkboard Invitation
Announcing Lime Green Graduation Party Invitation
Vinage Congrats - Aqua
Banner Year Bermuda
Grad Football Photo Announcement
3 Square Law Grad Red Photo
Graduate Ribbon Red and Black
Varsity Stripe - Red & Black
Trendy Double Sided Navy and Grey Graduation Party Invitation
Quadrant Year Navy Doeskin
Bright Grad Photo Graduation Announcement
Modern Monogram Navy Tri-fold Photo Graduation Party Invitation
Grad Hat 18 Aqua Photo Graduation Announcement
The World is Yours Gold Photo Graduation Announcement
2018 Photo Ribbon - Navy and Gold
Vintage Commencement Gold Square Photo Card
Academic Initial Photo - Wheat
Grad Basketball Photo Announcement
Classic Graduation Folded Card
Modern Elegance Graduation Blue Photo Card
Commencing Light Blue and White
Contempo Graduation Blue Square Photo Card
2018 Chalkboard Photo - Lime
VIP Dream Big Lime
Simple Band Photo Card Red and Blue
2018 Cap & Tassel - Red & Blue
Vinage Congrats Photo - Aqua
Grad Boarding Pass Teal
Oh Happy Day Midnight
All Access Graduation VIP Invitation
Charcoal Tab Photo Graduation Party Invitation
Circle Grad Cap
Cap and Gown in Dark Blue
Dream Big Teal
Grad Basketball Photo Invitation
Simple Graduation Cap
2018 Cap & Tassel - Black
Commencing Red and White
Double Band - Black & Bright Gold
Swirling Red and Black VIP Graduation Invitation
Blue and Black Border Cap
Dream Big Graduation Party Invitation
Graduation Stripes Invitations
Dark Blue Graduation Cap and Gown
Classic Tri-fold Photo Graduation Party Invitation
Grad Boarding Pass Invite Teal
Grad Cap Bali
Hat's Off to the Grad - Blue & Black
Oh Happy Day Apple
Grad Guy Invitations
Transparent Year Browns
Med School Grad - Navy & Silver
Let's Celebrate
Blue Striped Grad Cap
Red Grad Cap with Black Stripes
Graduate Ribbon Blue and Red
Grad Football Photo Invitation
Red and Gray Class
Peace Grad Black
Swirly Class Black
3 Square Dental Grad Olive Photo
Fifth Grade Graduation Ticket
3 Square Med Grad Storm Photo
Cap and Tassel in Light Blue
Varsity Stripe - Bright Gold & Black
Worth the Hassle - Green & Gold
Top of the Class
3 Square Grad Storm
Cap & Tassel
Tip of the Tassel Yellow
3 Square Grad Olive Photo
Grad Boarding Pass Berry
Caduceus - Green
Simple Medical
Blue and Brown Toothbrush
Honors Blue and Yellow Cap
Burgundy and Yellow Vertical
Blue and White Grad Cap
Medical Photo Graduation
Small Scale of Justice Blue and Brown
Orange Graduation Cap and Gown
3 Square Dental Grad Storm
Grad Cap Storm
Medical Photo Blue and Yellow
Legal Black Square Photo
Simple Dark Blue Graduating Class
Red Graduation Party Ticket
Orange 2018
Color Band Grad - Navy & Silver
Banner Year Taupe
Dark Blue Bookplate Frame
Transparent Year Blues
3 Square Law Grad Olive
Blue and Yellow Blocks
Chevron Grad 2
Preppy Boy Grad
Blue Grad Cap with Yellow Stripes
Finalé Graduation Invitation
Repp Tie - Purple & Bright Gold
Top Stripe Red
Purple Grad Cap with White and Black Stripes
Double Band - Red & Blue
MBA Photo Red and Black
Blue and Orange Grad Cap
Business School Grad
2018 Cap & Tassel - Maroon & Silver
Fait accompli
Simple Border Red
Simple Border Orange
Grad Boarding Pass Invite Berry
Blue Blocks
Graduation Cap Invitation
Brown Graduate School
Hat's Off to the Grad - Red & Black
Burgundy Cap and Diploma
Bright Grad Orange and Blue
Cap Invitation Blue and Brown
Stately Red and Gray Cap
Red and Gray Vertical
Blue Grad
Vibrant Blue and Brown Cap
Stately Grad Blue and Yellow
3 Square Med Grad Red
Simple Red and Black Graduation 2018
Male Graduation Invitation
Dental Graduation Cap Blue and Brown
Color Band Grad - Red & Blue
Navy and Yellow Class
Repp Tie - Green & Gold
Grad Cap Silver
Commencing Navy and White
Worth the Hassle - Royal & Bright Gold
Big Scale of Justice Blue and Brown
Peace Grad Paprika
Top Stripe Yellow
Doctor Symbol Blue
Tip of the Tassel Grey
Red Striped Grad Cap
Green Striped Grad Cap
Commencing Orange and White
Tip of the Tassel Red
Top Stripe Grey
Blue and Yellow Vertical
Purple and Orange Vertical
Purple and Yellow Vertical
Green and Gray Vertical
Burgundy and Yellow Blocks
Purple and Orange Blocks
Red and Gray Blocks
Burgundy and Yellow Class
Blue Class
Purple and Orange Class
Purple and Yellow Class
Green and Gray Class
Green and Gray Blocks
Light Blue Cap and Diploma
Red and Black Grad Cap
Purple and Yellow Grad Cap
Blue and Yellow Grad Cap
Purple and Orange Grad Cap
Burgundy and Yellow Grad Cap
Burgundy Graduation Cap and Gown
Light Blue Graduation Cap and Gown
Purple Graduation Cap and Gown
Red Graduation Cap and Gown
Yellow Graduation Cap and Gown
Baseline: 2018 - Maroon & White
Baseline: 2018 - Green & White
Double Band - Green & Gold
Double Band - Purple & Bright Gold
Double Band - Bright Gold & Black
Double Band - Maroon & Silver
Double Band - Red & Black
Double Band - Royal & Bright Gold
Double Band - Navy & Silver
Double Band - Blue & White
Double Band - Red & White
Double Band - Maroon & White
Double Band - Green & White
Varsity Stripe - Green & Gold
Varsity Stripe - Purple & Bright Gold
Varsity Stripe - Maroon & Silver
Varsity Stripe - Red & Blue
Varsity Stripe - Royal & Bright Gold
Varsity Stripe - Navy & Silver
Varsity Stripe - Maroon & Black
Varsity Stripe - Green & Black
2018 Grad - Green & Black
2018 Cap & Tassel - Purple & Bright Gold
2018 Cap & Tassel - Bright Gold & Black
2018 Cap & Tassel - Red & Black
2018 Cap & Tassel - Royal & Bright Gold
2018 Cap & Tassel - Navy & Silver
2018 Cap & Tassel - Blue & White
2018 Cap & Tassel - Red & White
2018 Cap & Tassel - Maroon & White
2018 Cap & Tassel - Green & Silver
Hat's Off to the Grad - Green & Gold
Hats Off to the Grad - Purple & Bright Gold
Hat's Off to the Grad - Bright Gold & Black
Hat's Off to the Grad - Red & Blue
Hat's Off to the Grad - Royal & Bright Gold
Hat's Off to the Grad - Navy & Silver
Hat's Off to the Grad - Maroon & Black
Hat's Off to the Grad - Green & Black
Repp Tie - Bright Gold & Black
Repp Tie - Black & Bright Gold
Repp Tie - Maroon & Silver
Repp Tie - Red & Black
Repp Tie - Royal & Bright Gold
Repp Tie - Navy & Silver
Repp Tie - Blue & Silver
Repp Tie - Red & Silver
Repp Tie - Maroon Silver & Black
Repp Tie - Green & Silver
Color Band Grad - Green & Gold
Color Band Grad - Purple & Bright Gold
Color Band Grad - Bright Gold & Black
Color Band Grad - Maroon & Silver
Color Band Grad - Red & Black
Color Band Grad - Royal & Bright Gold
Color Band Grad - Blue & Black
Color Band Grad - Maroon & Black
Color Band Grad - Green & Black
Modern Band Grad - Green & White
Worth the Hassle - Purple & Bright Gold
Worth the Hassle - Bright Gold & Black
Worth the Hassle - Maroon & Silver
Worth the Hassle - Red & Black
Worth the Hassle - Red & Blue
Worth the Hassle - Navy & Silver
Worth the Hassle - Blue & White
Worth the Hassle - Red & White
Worth the Hassle - Maroon & Black
Worth the Hassle - Green & White
3 Square Grad Storm Photo
3 Square Grad Red Photo
3 Square Med Grad Olive Photo
3 Square Med Grad Red Photo
3 Square Law Grad Olive Photo
3 Square Law Grad Storm Photo
3 Square Dental Grad Storm Photo
3 Square Dental Grad Red Photo
3 Square Grad Red
3 Square Med Grad Olive
3 Square Med Grad Storm
3 Square Law Grad Storm
3 Square Law Grad Red
3 Square Dental Grad Olive
3 Square Dental Grad Red
One Day Only Graduation Ticket
Green Graduation Ticket
Graduation Par-Tay Ticket
Banner Year Berry
Banner Year Crete
Grad Boarding Pass Olive
Swirly Class Olive
Transparent Year Greens
Transparent Year Primary
Grad Boarding Pass Invite Bali
Grad Boarding Pass Invite Olive
Academic Initial Photo - Aqua
2018 Photo Ribbon - Black and Red
2018 Photo Ribbon - Blue and Red
2018 Ribbon - Black and Red
2018 Ribbon - Navy and Gold
Dream Big Lime Green
Dream Big Tangerine
VIP Dream Big Tangerine
VIP Dream Big Teal
Swirling Gold and Navy VIP Graduation Invitation
Teal Tab Photo Graduation Party Invitation
Graduate Ribbon Navy and Yellow
Announcing Red Graduation Party Invitation
Announcing Navy Blue Graduation Party Invitation
3 Square Grad Olive

He's class president, the captain of the football team, the big man on campus or the class clown – and he's finally graduating! Announce the exciting news of your son's graduation to family and friends with this masculine collection of boy graduation invitations and boy graduation announcements which commemorate his scholastic efforts in a big way. These men's graduation invitations are perfect for high school graduation invitations, college graduation invitations, law school graduation invitations, graduate school graduation invitations or medical school graduation invitations featuring trendy designs, patterns and iconic graduation themes.

Set the scene for his graduation party with a school colors invitation which showcases his school logo, mascot or alma mater colors. We offer some of the most popular school color combinations, as well as some of the largest college and university licensed designs. Choose a "Class of 2012" invitation or a cap and gown themed boy graduation invitation if he's ready to toss his cap up and celebrate! We also offer digital photo boy graduation invitations that feature his favorite digital photograph, (or two), along with his graduation day or graduation party details. Choose a masculine design with dark graduation silhouette, stately colored designs and simple yet striking patterns for the male grad. If he's choosing to travel after his graduation, or will be returning from studying abroad, we also offer travel themed graduation invitations to showcase his worldly interests. Celebrate the male graduate in a big way with this collection of boy graduation invitations, boy graduation announcements and boy digital photo graduation cards to commemorate his scholarly accomplishments.