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Beach Wedding Invitations

Our extensive variety of beach wedding invitations are thoughtfully customized for seaside weddings, but they can also double as engagement party invitations , bachelorette party invitations or even invitations for a beach party , all depending on your gathering’s party personality.

Engaged couples know that beach wedding invitations call for a blend of lighthearted whimsy and refined elegance. Whether you plan to hold your upcoming nuptials aboard a glamorous cruise ship, near a candle-lit cove or romantically right upon the surf, there is an appropriate beach wedding invitation for your unique day.

With wedding stationery schemes this evocative, your elated guests will swear they felt an ocean breeze ruffling their hair and the fragrant smell of the sea flood the air as they open up your beach wedding invitations.

Are you considering planning a preppy-chic theme for your upcoming beachside wedding? Check out our Newport invitations, which feature crisp, inspired lines and nautical colors. For planning a more understated, reverie-filled beachside gathering, consider our Coral Invitation with raffia ribbons, with a subtle color scheme that really comes to life. If you’re planning an elegant seaside soiree, take a glance at our By The Shore with Aqua Highlights invites, a sophisticated design featuring shells, seahorses and a thoughtfully designed pearl border that communicates tastefulness.

Under-the-sea creatures make an appearance in our collection of carefully created beach themed wedding invitations. Sea life lovers, take note: Our Dolphin Love Wedding Invitations, with a playful pair of dolphins adorning the card, are ideal for infusing a friendly vibe into your wedding planning. Alternatively, our Creatures of the Sea invites feature elegantly designed seahorses and an assortment of seashells and starfish. Evoke childlike wonder with our refined but imaginative Best Friend and Castles Tri-Fold Wedding Invitations, decorated with a pair of childhood best friends and their favorite beach time toys. Explore our vast collection of beachy wedding invitations, here at Invitation Box.