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Baby Shower Thank You Cards & Notes

Throughout your pregnancy, at your baby shower and in the months after your baby arrives, you are bound to receive countless baby gifts from family and friends who want to prepare you for the next milestone in your life. Be sure to thank your baby shower guests, friends and family for their gifts with a hand written thank you note from our baby shower thank you note collection. Our baby shower thank you notes feature a variety of classic and trend baby stationery designs to coordinate with your shower theme or pregnancy style. Choose from expecting mothers, baby toys, couples baby shower thank you notes, baby prams, rattles, expecting dress forms, nursery scenes, baby umbrellas and more!

Baby Shower Shoes
Baby Shower Stripes
Beautiful Baby (Blue)
Beautiful Baby (Pink)
Book Baby Shower (Blue)
Book Baby Shower (Pink)
Modern Mom Stripes
Vintage Baby Banner (Blue)
Vintage Baby Banner (Pink)
Wildflower Bassinet (Blue)
Wildflower Bassinet (Pink)
Damask Pram Pink
3 Squares Baby Shower Buttercup
Stylish Shower Chalkboard Boy 
Pink Stroller Pregnant Mama
Kraft Baby Shower Blue
Beautiful Bassinet Girl
Posh Pram Pink Thank You Card
Sweet Nursery Safari
Baby Love Reigns
Diva Flat Note Card Multi-Cultural Baby Diva
Posh Baby Dots Blue Thank You Card
Leopard Print Carriage 
Elephant Parade Pink Thank You Card
Damask Pram Pink Twins
Green Mom (Multicultural) 
Stork Tortola
Pretty and Pregnant Pink Thank Yous
Retro Blue Baby Room
Expecting a Big Gift Boy - Blonde Thank You
Baby Shower Soiree Thank You
Baby Cupcakes Thank Yous
Baby Bird Fall
Thank You Banner Thank You Note
Couple's Baby Shower Thank You
Elephant Parade Blue Crystal Thank You Card
Kisses for Baby Blue - Blonde Thank You
Stylish Shower Chalkboard (Girl)
Expecting Dress Form Blue Note
Baby Box Thank Yous
Sleigh Crib Bali & Chocolate
Stylish Shoe Closet (Pink) 
Kraft Baby Shower Green
Fashionable Mom Pink Thank You Note (Blonde)
Baby Bird Winter
Zebra Pram Bali & Chocolate
Pretty In Pink Baby Shower Blonde
In the Baby Carriage Pink Thank You Card
Chic Crib Mom - Blue (African American)
Pink Changing Table
Four Post Crib Pink & Black
Strolling Mom
Modern Teal Nursery Note Card
Small in the Saddle Boy
Stylish Shoe Closet (Pink) 
Baby Blocks Pink
Damask Frame Pink Thank You Card
Stylish Shoe Closet (Blue) 
Damask on Damask Tortola
Celebrating Mom Thank Yous
Baby Building Blocks Note Card
Blue Pram
Big Boy Blue Carriage Thank Yous
Blue Baby Clothes Note Card
Preggers Olive - Brunette
Pink and Blue Prams
Beautiful Mom Thank You
Cowgirl Crib - Blue Blonde
Prince of Wales Pram
Stylish Shower Chalkboard (Neutral)
Damask Silhouette Pink
Prince of Wales Pram Twins
Blue Babe Thank Yous
Elephant Parade Green Crystal Thank You Card
Kraft Baby Shower Pink
Her First Stripes Pink Thank You Card
Baby Love Bali
Preggers Pink - Blonde
Onesie Tree Pink
Polka Dot Teddy Bali
Blue Changing Table
Bookplate Shower Bali
Preggers Bali - Blonde
Green Pram
Baby Shower Thank Yous
Damask Rattle Bali
Onesie Tree Green
Special Delivery Lime
Expecting Couple Dress Forms Thank Yous
Expecting a Big Gift Girl - Brunette Thank You
Baby Ornaments Lime
The First Rattle Blue Thank You Card
Antique Baby Boy Note Card
Silhouette with Curls Blue Thank Yous
Pretty and Pregnant Floral Thank Yous
Mint Mom Dress Form Thank Yous
Josh's Diaper Thank Yous
Onesie Tree Blue
Special Silhouette Blue Thank Yous
Tank Top Question Mark Thank Yous
Christening Pink Thank Yous
Mint Momma Surprise Thank Yous
Teddy Bear Thank Yous
Floral Silhouette Baby Shower
Baby Animal Mobile Blue Note Card
Pink Baby Blocks Note Card
He Has Arrived Blue Damask Note Card
Fading Pink Tones Note Card
Madison Avenue Mom Thank You
Dark Aqua Vintage Peacock Feathers Note Card
Preggers Buttercup - Brunette
Pink Bib Note Card
Fading Blue Tones Note Card
Baby Polka Dots Pink Note Card
Blue Stroller Pregnant Mama
Green Beautiful Bassinet Thank You
3 Squares Baby Shower Pink
3 Squares Baby Shower Blue
Posh Pram Green Thank You Card
Beautiful Bassinet Boy Thank You
Posh Pram Blue Thank You Card
Sweet Nursery Toile
Sweet Nursery Birds
Posh Baby Dots Pink Thank You Card
Baby Shower Typography Pink
Fashionable Mom Pink Thank Yous
Stork Lime
Posh Baby Dots Green Thank You Card
Expecting a Big Gift Boy - Brunette Thank You
Damask Pram Blue
Expecting a Big Gift Girl - Blonde Thank You
Damask Pram Buttercup
Stork Tortola Twins
Kisses for Baby Neutral - Brunette Thank You
Expecting a Big Gift Neutral - Blonde Thank You
Expecting a Big Gift Neutral - Brunette Thank You
Fashionable Mom Blue Thank Yous
Stork Pink
Damask Pram Buttercup Twins
Retro Pink Baby Room
Pregnant With Presents #2 Pink
Damask Pram Blue Twins
Sweet Nursery Nautical
Four Post Crib Buttercup & Silver
Kisses for Baby Pink - Multicultural Thank You
Elephant Parade Pink Crystal Thank You Card
Sleigh Crib Pink & Chocolate
Expecting Dress Form Thank You
Green Mom - Blonde Thank Yous
Zebra Pram Pink & Black
Chic Crib Mom - Pink (African American)
Kisses for Baby Neutral - Blonde Thank You
Elephant Parade Blue Thank You Card
Baby Blocks Storm
Kisses for Baby Neutral - Multicultural Thank You
Kisses for Baby Blue - Brunette Thank You
Damask Silhouette Bali
Four Post Crib Blue & Green
Zebra Pram Olive & Chocolate
Sleigh Crib Lime & Silver
Pretty In Pink Baby Shower
Zebra Pram Pink & Chocolate
Sleigh Crib Buttercup & Silver
Polka Dot Teddy Pink
Cowgirl Crib - Pink Blonde
Damask on Damask Sherbert
Baby Shower Typography Lime
Kisses for Baby Pink - Brunette Thank You
It's a Girl Thank Yous
Kisses for Baby Blue - Multicultural Thank You
Beautiful In Blue Baby Shower Blonde
Polka Dot Teddy Buttercup
Beautiful In Blue Baby Shower
Preggers Bali - Brunette
It's a Boy Thank Yous
Big Girl Pink Carriage Thank Yous
In the Baby Carriage Blue Thank You Card
Big Boy Pink Carriage Thank Yous
Beautiful In Blue Baby Shower Afr. Amer.
Damask Silhouette Wasabi
Baby Love Buttercup
Pretty In Pink Baby Shower Afr. Amer.
Lovely Mom Thank Yous
Christening Blue Thank Yous
Pretty and Pregnant Blue Thank Yous
Special Silhouette Pink Thank Yous
Diva Flat Note Card Blonde Baby Diva
Kisses for Baby Pink - Blonde Thank You
Ice Cream Mom - Blonde Thank Yous
Green Mom Thank Yous
Preggers Olive - Blonde
Baby Ornaments Pink
Polka Dot Teddy Lime
Rachel's Diaper Thank Yous
Silhouette with Curls Pink Thank Yous
Special Silhouette Green Thank Yous
Damask Rattle Buttercup
Modern Pink Nursery Note Card
Big Girl Blue Carriage Thank Yous
Baby Ornaments Bali
The First Rattle Pink Thank You Card
Elephant Parade Green Thank You Card
Baby Love Pink
Baby Shower Typography Bali
Antique Baby Girl Note Card
Preggers Pink - Brunette
Baby Block Pastels
Bookplate Shower Pink
Special Delivery Pink
Baby Shower Icons Pink
Damask on Damask Buttercup
Blue Bib Note Card
Small in the Saddle Girl
Special Delivery Bermuda
Preggers Buttercup - Blonde
Baby Shower Icons Taupe
Pink Pram
Baby Shower Typography Buttercup
Stork Pink Twins
Damask on Damask Lime
Bookplate Shower Buttercup
Baby Shower Icons Teal
Blue Prams
Damask Frame Blue Thank You Card
Damask Rattle Pink
Damask Rattle Lime
Baby Animal Mobile Pink Note Card
Baby Shower Icons Lime
Baby Ornaments Buttercup
Sweet Nursery Transportation
Bookplate Shower Lime
Blue Baby Blocks Note Card
Pink Prams
Baby Blocks Primary
Special Delivery Buttercup
Yellow Pram
Pink Baby Clothes Note Card
Small in the Saddle Crete
Baby Love Lime
She Has Arrived Pink Damask Note Card
Damask Silhouette Buttercup
Baby Polka Dots Blue Note Card

Expecting a child is an exciting time for the parents-to-be as well as their family and friends. As a parent, you're bound to be showered with love, kind gestures and baby gifts at your baby shower as well as during the months after your baby finally arrives. Everyone will want to make sure that you are prepared for this next milestone in your life, and you'll want to make a good impression upon your guests by thanking them for all of their gifts and support during this exciting time in your life. Thank your family and friends for the amazing gifts you receive with this collection of fun, chic, trendy and classic baby shower stationery and baby shower thank you notes.

Our baby shower stationery collection features baby shower thank you notes that coordinate with your baby shower invitations or you can always be completely different with something that matches your pregnancy or baby style, or event your baby's gender. Choose from customizable baby shower stationery that features your name or a looks-like-me thank you note featuring an expecting parent that looks just like you. We also have adorable baby themed stationery in the hue of your baby's gender featuring airplanes, rattles, bassinets, baby gifts, nursery scenes, baby blocks, umbrellas, baby animals, monograms, animal print patterns and baby love. Spread your thanks to your guests with one of our baby shower thank you notes and hand write a note on the inside to show just how much their gift or kind gesture meant to you!