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Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

The perfect end to a baby shower is sending each guest off with a small token to remind them of this special day. It's up to you whether or not you want to stay with your shower's theme or do something completely different for a baby shower favor.

If you're sticking with some of our theme ideas, we have favor ideas to go along with those, plus some brand new ones you can use at any baby shower.

ABC-themed Shower – Obviously adults don't want building blocks, but they may enjoy boxes with their initials on it. Now you can purchase all kinds of items –candles, jewelry, etc. – with monograms on them that almost any attendee will appreciate. It will tie in with the theme while ensuring guests are going home with something personalized and just for them to use!

Baby in the City – Chic. Sophisticated. Stylish. Those are just a few adjectives that come to mind when thinking of parents that are city slickers. The baby shower favors should follow in the shower's theme footsteps and reflect the personalities of the parents. People in attendance would enjoy unique coffee mugs or to-go thermoses. Other city lovers will enjoy gifts like fun umbrellas, small metro card holders and other items that are absolute necessities when you’re out and about all day.

Baby Animal Shower – Since animals are a little difficult to adjust for adult-themed favors, we suggest you look for something that is animal print (especially if the baby shower only includes women). Check out favors like animal print cosmetic cases, pen sets and animal print stationery.

There's no absolute rule that says the baby shower favors have to match the theme of the party. In fact, guests may appreciate you switching it up and giving out more unique items for a surprise. Not following the theme gives you a world of options. Some of the more common baby shower favors include candle tins, lip balm, candy, manicure sets, salt and pepper shakers, key chains and home-baked goods!