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Baby Shower Invitations

It's such a special time in a parent's life when they learn they are expecting. With only nine months to prepare for this life-changing event, the new parent-to-be are sure to need your help in creating the perfect environment for their newborn baby. Shower the mommy-to-be with this collection of chic and trendy and personalized baby shower invitations. We offer a variety of baby shower invitation styles depending on the sex of her baby, featuring boy baby shower invitations, girl baby shower invitations and also gender neutral shower invitations in case the baby's gender is a surprise. If she's expecting twins or triplets, shop our multiples baby shower invitation collection. Don't forget to help her thank her guests for her gifts after the shower! We also offer a whimsical collection of baby shower thank you notes to coordinate with your precious baby shower invitations!

Boy Baby Shower Invitations

Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations

Couples Baby Shower Invitations

Twins and Multiples Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Thank You Cards & Notes

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In the Baby Carriage Pink with Ivory Bow on Quartz Pocket Invitations

Baby Carriage Pink Pocket
as low as: $2.58

Stylish Shower Chalkboard Boy Invitations

Stylish Shower Chalkboard Boy
as low as: $1.06

Fashionable Mom Blue Invitations

Fashionable Mom Blue
as low as: $1.06

Baby Love Bali Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Love Bali
as low as: $1.06

Beautiful Bassinet Girls

Beautiful Bassinet Girl
as low as: $1.06

Chic Crib Mom - Pink Invitations

Chic Crib Mom - Pink
as low as: $1.06

Baby Ornaments Pink Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Ornaments Pink
as low as: $1.06

Preggers Olive - Brunette Baby Shower Invitations

Preggers Olive - Brunette
as low as: $1.06

Damask Pram Buttercup Baby Shower Invitations

Damask Pram Buttercup
as low as: $1.06

Green And Brown Pram Baby Shower Invitations

Green and Brown Pram
as low as: $0.88

3 Squares Baby Shower Buttercup Invitations

3 Squares Buttercup
as low as: $1.06

Stork Tortola Twins Baby Shower Invitations

Stork Tortola Twins
as low as: $1.06

Are you hearing phantom cries from the nursery already? So much goes into preparing for a new baby, and making sure you have everything you need before your baby arrives is essential…nobody wants to be running out to the store at midnight because they don't have enough diapers in the house! Prepare the mommy and daddy-to-be for their upcoming arrival with our precious collection of baby shower invitations and couples shower invitations. Invite your guests to help build the baby's nursery, book shelf or closet by showering the expecting parents with everything they need before the delivery day arrives.

This collection of baby shower invitations is broken down into convenient sections to help you find the perfect baby shower invitation to set the scene for your shower. If she knows the gender of her baby, you can shop our boy baby shower invitations for everything blue and green or our girl baby shower invitations for everything girl, pink and purple. We also offer gender neutral baby shower invitations, in case the gender of the baby is going to be a surprise! If she's expecting multiple babies, we know you'll want to host a huge baby shower to make sure she has everything she needs – times two, (or three, or four)! Shop our twins baby shower invitations and multiples baby shower invitations if she's expecting more than one pea in the pod! After your posh baby shower concludes, be sure to shop our baby stationery collection, which is perfect for thank you notes from the baby for their first ever gifts. We also have baby shower stationery which will help the parents-to-be thank all of their guests for attending their shower and for their kind and generous gifts. Expecting a child is such a precious moment in a parent's life! Help celebrate this momentous time with a baby shower invitation to invite all of the parents' friends and family to attend.

We’re here to help you every step of the way, which is why we have invitation experts in house! If you need help choosing an invite, picking the correct color or wording, or are stumped on how to order, give us a ring! In need of some etiquette advice? Check out our baby shower etiquette guide and learn from the pros at InvitationBox.com!