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Baby Shower Invitations Registry Information Etiquette

Listing the registry information of the mommy-to-be on the baby shower is acceptable in today’s modern times.If you are not comfortable listing the information on the baby shower invitation, you can always include a separate card with the registry information or spread it by word of mouth.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Themed baby showers can point guests in the right direction when they begin trying to find a baby gift for the expectant couple. If the gender of the baby is known, you may want to include this information on the baby shower invitation, as it will help guests purchase the appropriate gender related gifts.

Themes / Wishing Wells
If a mother already has almost everything she needs but will be on a tight budget once the baby is born, a diaper themed baby shower is a great idea. Each guest can be assigned a different diaper size so that the mother will have enough to last for a while. Alternatively, if the expecting parents have most furniture they need, you can have a wishing well at your shower and ask your guests to bring a small gift, (bottles, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc.) to include in the “well”.

Gift Cards / Monetary Gifts
It is never appropriate to demand a specific gift from your guests. Many times an expecting parent may prefer gift cards or monetary gifts, however this should never be expressed in writing. If this is the case, pass the information along by word of mouth only.

Gift Wrapping
Gift wrapping should be in tasteful wrapping paper with ribbon, high quality gift bags with tissue paper or a different creative option. Many people are now asking for gifts to remain unwrapped, in an effort to remain green or keep a social focus to the shower. If this is the case, try wrapping your gift in cellophane or use baskets, blankets or other types of bags to bring the gift in.