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Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games are an absolute necessity for the upcoming celebration you're hosting. They break the ice among guests and get the mother-to-be and everyone else excited for the new arrival. Play these after everyone has eaten and settled in, but right before the gift opening. They will loosen everyone up and get guests talking baby talk…just make sure they’re fun and inclusive, rather than cheesy!

Guess that Baby! – In the baby shower invitation or through a follow-up email, request that each guest bring their favorite baby picture with them. As each guest arrives, have them turn in their photo, which you will mark with a number. Make sure no one else sees while you number each photo. Hang up the pictures and distribute paper and pens so guests can guess who each baby is. Have them number their paper and write their best guess next to it. The person that gets the most guesses right wins a prize.

Baby Bingo – This is an all-time favorite and is very simple to play. Hand out blank bingo cards and have guests fill each square with a gift that they think the mother will receive. As the mother opens each present, each player gets to cross out what's opened. First to get BINGO wins! If no one wins, then whoever has crossed off the most squares (or guessed the most correctly) wins.

Who's the Star Baby? - Much like the Guess that Baby! game, this game has you guessing the babies of famous celebrities. And it requires less work on the guests' side. Go through pop culture magazines and cut out pictures of famous babies (not with their parents, obviously) as well as pictures of the celebrities and pin them up. Number the baby pictures. Have guests write down the number and the famous celebrity parent. Player with the most correct guesses wins!

Guess the Tummy Size – Give each player a roll of yarn or string and scissors and have them cut the length that they think will fit the mother's stomach. Then help the mom measure her own stomach and cut a piece of yarn or string that fits around it. Compare it to the guests' pieces. Whoever is closest wins a prize.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas - Sometimes it's difficult to come up with inexpensive prize ideas as many attendees will be in different stages of their life. Some ideal gifts to give out that are personal and will be prized for a long time can be similar to the baby shower favors. Personalized prizes will also be a hit. Ideas: candles, candy, mint tins, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, spreader knives, notepads and bath soaps/lotions. These can even use your baby shower colors, if you prefer to have everything match.