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Around-the-Clock Bridal Shower Invitations

Looking to plan a memorable bridal shower for your daughter, niece or sister? Check out these sweet around-the-clock bridal shower invitations from Invitation Box. This is one of the most fun bridal shower themes because it's fun for all the guests and the bride as well. However, it's still relatively unknown in many areas, so you can really make a big impact if you pick this bridal shower theme.

So what is an around-the-clock bridal shower, anyway? With these unique theme, the bride receives gifts that correspond to the time of day. Each guest is assigned a specific hour (7:00 am, 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm, etc.) and buys a gift for the bride that she might use at that time of day. So if your assigned time is 7:00 am, you might buy something like an alarm clock, coffee mugs or a waffle maker. The gifts can be given in order to allow the bride to "go through" a whole day while opening her gifts.

One of the great things about an around-the-clock bridal shower is that you can still have any type of event with this fun theme. You can go for something completely chic and sophisticated or have something a little more casual and laid-back. The best way to communicate that style is with your invites, which can be very elegant and traditional or cheeky and colorful. Choosing around-the-clock shower invitations that reflect the mood and style of your event is a great way to let guests know what to expect. Just don't forget to write in the assigned time on the clock for each guest before sending the invitations out!

Choose Invitation Box to get customizable around-the-clock bridal shower invitations for your upcoming event. The bride is sure to be delighted by the fun theme, and it's a great way to get guests excited about the party.