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Adult Birthday Party Invitation Wording

You've found a venue, set the time and made the guest list. But now that it's time to send out birthday party invitations, you're not sure what to write. Finding the right adult birthday invitation wording can be tricky. Many of the birthday party invite wording examples available elsewhere online have cutesy wording that's geared more towards little ones. So when you're celebrating an adult's milestone birthday, you want something a little more sophisticated. Fortunately, these examples of birthday invites wording for adults has you covered.



Karen is turning 40
Of that she is aware
But we want to surprise her
With all of you there
So the party is a secret
She doesn't know yet
And if you keep it quiet
A surprise she will get

A Surprise Party
Karens 40th Birthday

July 1, 2018
Rosatiís Bistro
121 N. Main Street

Hosted by Sue Evans

RSVP by June 25th


A Surprise party is in store,
for our Dear Ted is 39 no more!
No gifts to bring - it's not his style,
just bring a card to make him smile.
See you on the 1st of July at four,
for a surprise Ted will surely adore!

121 N. Main Street
(Ted will be arriving at 4:40)!

Hosted by Sue Evans

RSVP by June 25th


Forget the black ties
Itís no formal affair
Just come as you are
for that casual flair.
Weíll drink and laugh
as we reminisce
Itís a gathering of friends
not to be missed!

Please join us for
Ted Anchorís

July 1st at 8 PM
232 West Street, Chicago

RSVP 563.3654

. . .

Iíve got a sweet tooth
for a cupcake
and a martiniÖ
or two

Come satisfy your sweet tooth and celebrate

Karenís 50th Birthday

July 1st
8 oíclock
The Twisted Fork
123 North Main Street
Raleigh, NC

RSVP to karen@email.com


Itís time to party!

Come celebrate
a night of
fun and excitement
as Karen turns

The fun begins
Friday, July 1st
at 9 oíclock
Tylers Taproom
1234 West Street

Regrets only to
Madeline & Bill

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