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Addressing Etiquette for Wedding Invitations

Addressing Your Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Single Guests Outer Envelope Inner Envelope
Single Woman over 18 or a
divorced woman who retains her maiden name Miss
(or Ms.) Jill Murray Miss (or Ms.) Murray and Guest
Divorced Woman who uses her married name Mrs. Jill Samson Mrs. Samson and Guest
Unmarried or Divorced Man Mr. Josh Howard Mr. Howard and Guest
Couples Outer Envelope Inner Envelope
Married Couples Mr. and Mrs. George Crandle Mr. and Mrs. Crandle
Married Couple-when the woman kept maiden name Mrs. Carol Smith & Mr. John Jackson Mrs. Smith & Mr. Jackson
Unmarried couples who live together address alphabetically by last name Miss (or Ms.) Jill Gamble
Mr. Josh Howard
Miss (or Ms.) Gamble
Mr. Howard
Same gender couples alphabetically by last name Miss (or Ms.) Jane Aldridge
Miss (or Ms.) Cindy Clearwater
Miss (or Ms.) Aldridge
Miss (or Ms.) Clearwater

Children over 18 years of age should be considered adults, and will thus receive their own invitation, even if they are residing at the home of their parents who will are also invited to your wedding.

Children under 18 years of age may receive their own invitation or be added to their parents invitation. Addressing a child should be “Miss” for girls and “Master” for boys