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70th Birthday Invitations | 70th Birthday Party Invitations

Who says 70-year-olds can't celebrate with the best of them? Whether you're planning a 70th birthday party for your spouse, your parent or your grandparent, Invitation Box has the stylish invitation designs that will set the tone for a fun birthday bash. We make it easy to honor this special milestone birthday with a 70th birthday party invitation that's equally special.

There are a number of great designs from which to choose when you shop for 70th birthday invitations at Invitation Box. Choose something classic and elegant for a sophisticated celebration, or opt for a colorful and fun design for a more laid-back affair. Some of our designs even feature a cheeky "over the hill" theme that is sure to make party guests chuckle.

Once you select your design, you'll get to add all your custom details, like the date, the location, the time and, of course, the name of the birthday boy or girl. You can even give your invitation an especially personal touch by adding "then and now" photos that show the special guest through the years. If you already know what decorations you plan to use, you can even select 70th birthday party invitations that match your color scheme. The options are endless, so feel to get creative with our many designs and templates. You'll be able to preview your design before you submit it to make sure everything is made to your specifications.

Reaching the age of 70 is something to be celebrated. There are many memories to recall and achievements that can be honored. For the person hitting this milestone birthday, nothing could be better than celebrating with their loved ones. Honor this special occasion by creating custom invitations at Invitation Box. Our stylish designs and custom details will make this a birthday invitation that many people are sure to cherish.