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So you've begun the journey up the hill…remember, forty is the new thirty these days! Celebrate another year wiser with this collection of 40th birthday invitations, which are perfect for those embracing their start to a new decade. Choose from milestone invitations featuring plays on the year "40" or word "Forty" or a surprise birthday party invitation if the honoree is in the dark about this one! We also offer patterned invitations, leopard print invitations, motorcycle invitations, gravestone invitations, over the hill invitations and digital photo invitations. Make your loved one's fortieth birthday special with a fortieth birthday party invitation from our festive adult birthday party invitation collection.

Modern Type Milestone Forty Pink
Diamond Numbers 40th
Lots of 40 Pink 40th Birthday
Forty Blue and Black
Lordy, Lordy Look Who's Forty Pink 40th Birthday
Tee Off
Retro Stripes Blue 40th Birthday
Motorcycle Grunge
Bold Statement 40th Birthday
Numeral Card 40th Blue
40 and Fabulous
Retro Kraft 40th Birthday
Blue 40
Gold Stripes 40
Over the Hill Stamped Black 40th Birthday
Cake Dots Blue
40th Birthday Brown and White
Over the Hill Black and Green
Zebra Fashion Stripes
Forty & Fabulous
Modern Milestone Forty Black Photo
Fortieth Birthday Teal Glitter
40th Birthday Cake
Art Deco Bubbles Green
Pink Glitter Forty
4 Square Single Photo Pink
Over the Hill Stamped Pink 40th Birthday
Swirly Photo Band Green 40th
Retro Floral Pink 40th
Admission Ticket Black
3 Square Photo Red
A Pirate Looks at Forty Invite
Then and Now Pink 40th Birthday Photo
4 Square Double Photo Bermuda
Sunset Cowboys
Zebra Fashion Stripes Black
Cinder Gold
Fortieth Birthday Pink Glitter
Youth Lies Here
Bookplate Black
Stir Framed
Bookplate Pink
The Big Four-Oh Boarding Pass Photo Card
Lots of 40 Blue 40th Birthday
The Big Four-Oh Boarding Pass
4 Square Single Photo Bermuda
Forty & Fabulous 40th Birthday
Black and White Birthday Ticket
Retro Stripes Pink 40th Birthday
Tire Tracks Pink
40 and Fabulous Ticket
Lordy Lordy Milestone Birthday Ticket
Pink 40
Gold Glamour Forty
Forty Pink and Black
40th Birthday Green and Black
Then and Now Mustard 40th Birthday Photo
Lordy, Lordy Look Who's Forty Blue 40th Birthday
Numeral Card 40th Pink
Numeral Card 40th Green
40th Birthday Teal and Brown
40th Birthday Pink and Black
Swirly Photo Band Teal 40th
Numeral Card 40th Yellow
Retro Floral Purple 40th
Swirly Photo Band Pink 40th
3 Square Photo Teal
3 Square Photo Chambray
4 Square Double Photo Khaki
Cake Dots Deep Sea
4 Square Double Photo Berry
Art Deco Bubbles Grey
4 Square Double Photo Grey
4 Square Double Photo Olive
4 Square Single Photo Berry
4 Square Single Photo Black
4 Square Single Photo Grey
Khaki Linen Cake
Over the Hill Blue and Green
Cake Dots Pink
4 Square Single Photo Olive
Modern Milestone Forty Pink Photo
Modern Type Milestone Forty Blue
4 Square Single Photo Khaki
Over the Hill Pink and Green
Tire Tracks Grey

Just because you're turning forty doesn't mean you don't know how to party! Embrace your fourth decade with a birthday party invitation from our 40th birthday invitation collection. Whether you're celebrating like it's the end of the world, teasing someone about going over the hill or outgoing and ready to get out and have a good time, our 40th birthday party invitations have you covered. Women can choose from patterned 40th birthday invitations, animal print 40th birthday invitations, bling themed 40th birthday invitations, floral 40th birthday invitations and pastel colored 40th birthday invitations. Men can choose from motorcycle 40th birthday invitations, sports 40th birthday invitations, ticket stub 40th birthday invitations, graveyard 40th birthday invitations, over the hill 40th birthday invitations and more.

If you'd like to share a photograph of the birthday man or woman, we also have digital photo 40th birthday invitations that showcase up to three photographs of the honoree, to show how much they've changed over the years. We also have surprise birthday party invitations for that friend that is dreading their birthday and doesn't want anything to be planned. We also have over the hill party invitations if you want to poke fun at the honoree. Let's face it, we all get another year older every year. Let the birthday honoree laugh about their birthday and reminisce about all of the fun years they've had, and still have ahead. Don't let their age get them down! Celebrate another year wiser with a trendy 40th birthday invitation from our milestone birthday party invitation collection!