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1st Birthday Invitations | First Birthday Party Invitations

Time for your son or daughter to make a wish and blow out their first birthday candle! Your child's first birthday is a milestone event, and likely one of the most memorable parties they'll have for you and your family members and friends. From their first bite of cake to their first birthday presents, it'll be an event you'll want to cherish for years. Set the scene for your child's first birthday party with a 1st birthday party invitation from our first birthday party invitation collection. Choose from baby's 1st birthday invitations with "ONE" themed invitations, cupcake invitations, candy buffet invitations, teddy bear invitations, baby animal invitations and digital photo invitations. Make your child's first birthday special with an invitation from our first birthday invites collection to mark the first of many birthdays to celebrate ahead!

Cute Confetti First Pink Photo
Little Monster Birthday
One Pink
Dinosaur Washi Tape
Sweet One
Pink Sprinkles Cupcake
Eyelet Square Pink
She's a Hoot Pink
Jungle Washi Tape
Birthday Bubbles Blue
My First Birthday Words Red
One Girl
First Birthday Words Blue
Twins Boy & Girl Cupcakes
Sock Monkey Pink
Fun One Green First Birthday
High Chair Girl
Happy Birthday Train
Rainbow Cones
1st Birthday Monkey Boy
Superstar Square
Damask One Blue Photo
Washi One Green and Blue
Our Little Cupcake
Sweet Pea One
Candy Buffet Pink
Sprinkles Cupcake
Blow Fish
Dotted Circle Paprika
Bright Blue with Sprinkles
Birthday Cake Green
Football Baby in Red
Five Flowers Aqua
Dotty Numeral Pink
Magic Dragon
Pink Owl
Number Party Digital Photo
Sprinkles and Confetti - Pink
Cupcake Confection Pink
Cupcake Girl
Stitched Boat
Birthday Houndstooth Pink
Cotton Candy Dots One
Cupcake ONE Pink
Pink and Orange Scallop
Jungle Friends Girl
Boy Cupcake
Pink Bear Birthday
Monkey Girl
Cupcake Girl
Happy Train
Party Script Digital Photo
Monkey Girl Number One
One Pink Candles
Big Blue Polka Dots
Her 1st
Butterfly Party Digital Photo
One Pink Candle
Paint Brush Party
Gingham Party Digital Photo
Cupcake Tower Blue
Heart Pattern Brown & Pink
Chloe's Cupcake
Green First Birthday Ticket
Connor's Cupcake
Eyelet Square Periwinkle
He's a Hoot Blue
Birthday Bubbles Pink
Sock Monkey Blue
My First Birthday Words Pink
First Birthday Words Pink
Twin Girl Cupcakes
Twin Boy Cupcakes
High Chair Boy
Blue Cupcake Tower
Cupcakes Tower Pink
One Boy
1st Birthday Monkey Girl
Candy Buffet Blue
Dotted Circle Teal
Dotted Circle Brown
Dotted Circle Sky
Birthday Cake Pink
Birthday Cake Bali
Football Baby in Dark Blue
Football Baby in Green
Football Baby in Burgundy
Five Flowers Red
Five Flowers White
Dotty Numeral Green
Sprinkles and Confetti - Blue
Sprinkles and Confetti - Orange
Birthday Houndstooth Blue
Cupcake ONE Blue
Jungle Friends Boy
One-derful Girl
Cupcake Boy
His 1st
One Blue Candle
One Blue Candles
Heart Pattern Lime & Pink
He Is One Red Ticket
One Blue
Washi One Pink and Purple
Washi One Green and Blue Photo
Damask One Pink Photo
Cute Confetti First Blue Photo
Fun One Pink First Birthday

A pile of presents and cake in their hair…your child's first birthday is a milestone event that your friends and family members will not want to miss! Create a beautiful memory that marks the first of many fun birthdays with this collection of 1st birthday party invitations. Our first birthday invitations capture the innocence of your growing baby boy or girl while featuring some of their favorite toys, icons and party themes.

For your baby girl turning one, set the scene for her first birthday with a girly 1st birthday party invitation. Choose from girl cupcake invitations, candy buffet invitations, iconic "ONE" invitations, teddy bear invitations, bow invitations, princess invitations and pastel patterned girl first birthday invitations. If your baby boy is turning one this year, choose a boy 1st birthday party invitation which features all of the things that boys love most. Browse for cake invitations, choo choo train invitations, monkey invitations, prince invitations, sailboat invitations, party fish invitations, jungle party invitations and primary colored invitations that little boys will love.

As your child's birthday is such a large milestone event, one that you'll want to remember always, remember that we also offer digital photo first birthday party invitations, which are some of our most popular first birthday party invitations. Digital photo birthday invitations double as a party invitation for your guests, as well as a keepsake for Mom, Dad and family members for years to come, as well as a great addition to your child's baby book. Capture a photo of your child learning to walk, flashing you a toothless grin or playing with their favorite toys. Browse our large collection of 1st birthday invitations and make your child's first birthday ever one that nobody will ever forget!