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Wine Party Invitations | Wine Tasting Invitations

Relax the day away with an evening of wine tasting with friends. Set up a buffet with wine, cheese and crackers and enjoy the company of others. This collection of wine party invitations features elegant, modern and traditional wine party invitation designs with watercolor painting invitations, wine cartoon invitations, die-cut wine invitations, Tuscan and ethnic invitations and wine glass invitations. Choose a wine invite that will portray the elegance of the evening and ask guests to bring a bottle of their favorite!

Relax and Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Hosting a wine tasting party for your friends and family is a great way to relax from the stress of work and spend time with your loved ones. Check out our tips for hosting the perfect wine tasting party.
  • Have a bottle of white wine, red wine, and sparkling wine on hand. Sparkling wine cleanses the palette before tasting each wine.
  • Ask each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite wine. Sending Wine Party Invitations is the proper, tactful way to do this.
  • Create a fun theme for your party, like "California Wines" or "Italian Wines".
  • Remember to pick up wine glasses for your party. Serve white wine in smaller glasses and red wine in larger, bowl-shaped glasses. The glasses help to preserve the unique taste of each type of wine.
  • Don't leave your guests hungry - nothing goes better with wine than cheese and crackers.
  • Have fun! There's no need to be stressed about hosting a wine party. Your guests want to spend time with you, not watch you labor in the kitchen.

Our invitations feature festive designs including wine bottles, wine glasses, cheese, and crackers. Get Wine Party Invitations by today!