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Rounded Ecru Gilt-Edge Invitation with Blue Ribbon

Rounded Ecru Gilt-Edge Invitation with Blue Ribbon
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Part Number:WA-62-31568-BW600-50
Item Size:5.625" x 7.5"

Rounded Ecru Gilt-Edge Invitation with Blue Ribbon

by William Arthur
This elegant ivory invitation features rounded corners, a gold foil edge and a Prussian blue satin ribbon at the top. Add your monogram to the top of the card above the ribbon. Includes ivory unlined single envelopes.

This card is priced to include two ink colors.
Ideal For:Weddings, Anniversaries, Formal Events, Wedding Invitation
Option 1: Thermography Printing
Option 2: Engraved Printing
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Ships From:Maine
Font Shown:T-169 (script)& T-158 (block)
Font Color:Gold & Prussian Blue
Paper Thickness:Heavy
Printing Method:Thermography|Engraved
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Pricing For Rounded Ecru Gilt-Edge Invitation with Bow
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