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Thermography Wedding Invitations

This collection of high-quality and elegant invitations features thermography printed wedding invitations. Thermography printing is one of the most popular print methods used and also one of the most elegant. Thermography text is raised on the card, and you can actually feel it when you touch it. Thermography is either created when paper is coated with a material that changes color when heated, thus producing a colored ink or used with a ribbon process which melts your text from the ribbon onto the sheet of paper. Flip your card over and there is no impression on the back like an engraved invitation. Thermography invitations are perfect for formal wedding affairs.

Gingham Invitation
Newport Invitation with 2 Ink Colors
Newport Invitation with 1 Ink Color
Pluma Invitation with Swiss Envelope
Papilio Invitation
Blush Invitation
Terra Invitation with French Envelope
Terra Invitation
Victoria Invitation
Violette Invitation with French Envelope
Luminesce Invitation with Geneva Envelope
Luminesce Invitation
Cameo Invitation with Geneva Envelope
Cameo Invitation
Bloom Invitation with Swiss Envelope
Bloom Invitation
Marseille Square Invitation
Nice Square Invitation
Silken Invitation with French Envelope
Silken Invitation
Carnival Invitation with 2 Ink Colors & French Envelope
Carnival Invitation with 1 Ink Color & French Envelope
Nice Invitation Card
Bordeaux Square Invitation
Bordeaux Invitation Card
Dover Invitation Card
Arbor Invitation with Swiss Envelope
Arbor Invitation
Seaside Invitation with 2 Ink Colors
Carballo Invitation Card
Lille White Square Invitation
Lille Yellow Square Invitation
Tradewinds Invitation Card
Seaside Invitation with 1 Ink Color
Nouvelle Invitation with Swiss Envelope
Nouvelle Invitation
Toulon Square Invitation
Tours Invitation Card
Dragon Invitation
Bamboo Invitation
Coco de Mer Invitation
Compass Invitation
Composure Invitation
Coral Invitation
Dockside Invitation
Fete Party Invitation
Finial Party Invitation
Frond Wedding Invitation
Hibiscus Save the Date Card
Monte Carlo Layered Party Invitation
Nautilus Wedding Invitation Ensemble
Oak Wedding Invitation
Opus Wedding Invitation
Palmetto Invitation
Paragon Wedding Invitation
Paragon Wedding Invitation with Band
Poplars Wedding Invitation
Seascape Wedding Invitation
Seaside Wedding Invitation
Seaside Wedding Invitation with Vellum Band
Silhouette Wedding Invitation
Solstice Wedding Invitation
Stylus Wedding Invitation
Sylvan Wedding Invitation
Treasure Wedding Invitation
Tropic Wedding Invitation
Union Wedding Invitation
Venture Wedding Invitation Ensemble
Vinery Wedding Invitation
Wave Wedding Invitation
Windfall Invitation
Winter Wedding Invitation
Woodland Wedding Invitation
Versailles Invitation Card
Roma Invitation Card
Cordova Invitation Card
Montauban Square Invitation
Montauban Invitation Card
Moulins Invitation Card
Galena Invitation Card
Tiana Square Invitation
Chateau Invitation Card
Paris Invitation Card
Inglewood Square Invitation
Inglewood Invitation Card
Bel Amour Invitation Card
Amour Invitation Card
Love Square Invitation Foldover
Raleigh Square Invitation Foldover
Columbia Invitation Card
Almeria Invitation Card
Early Spring Square Invitation
Early Spring Invitation Card
Valence Square Invitation (Blue)
Napoli Invitation Card
Avignon Invitation
Catania Invitation Card
Latour Invitation Card
Concorde Invitation Card
Fleur De Lis Wedding Invitation
Pearl Chablis Invitation Card
Pearl Chablis Invitation Foldover
Canvas Invitation Card
Canvas Invitation Foldover
Canvas Square Invitation
Yorkshire Invitation Card
Yorkshire Invitation Foldover
Yorkshire Square Invitation
Vignette Invitation Card
Vignette Invitation Foldover
Coventry Invitation Card
Coventry Invitation Foldover
Coventry Square Invitation
Embassy Invitation Card
Embassy Invitation Foldover
Frame Of Roses Invitation Card
Frame Of Roses Invitation Foldover
Monterey Invitation Card
Monterey Invitation Foldover
Tradition Invitation Card
Tradition Invitation Foldover
Tradition Square Invitation
Montreaux Invitation Card
Montreaux Invitation Foldover
Gold & Navy Minuet Invitation Card
Gold & Navy Minuet Invitation Foldover
Gold & Black Minuet Invitation Card
Gold & Black Minuet Invitation Foldover
Knightsbridge Invitation Card
Knightsbridge Invitation Foldover
Knightsbridge Monogram Invitation Foldover
Floral Scroll Invitation Card
Floral Scroll Invitation Foldover
Navy Silhouette Invitation Card
Navy Silhouette Invitation Foldover
Make a statement about your wedding with this elegant collection of thermography wedding invitations. Thermography wedding invitations have raised text give off an essence of timeless class and sophistication with a bit of a modern flair. Thermography is a printing process in which your invitation text is either transferred onto the card with a ribbon of color or created during a heating process in which a type of material similar to a glue or liquid powder is heated and then changes color upon cooling. The final product leaves your text as an raised impression without any marks or impressions on the back. Truly the one of the most popular and elegant forms of printing for an invitation.