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Shop Wedding Invitations by Printing Method

The print method you choose for your wedding invitation will portray a clear representation of your wedding, as well as help you cut costs where needed, all depending on which printing method you select. From formal, elegant and timeless with sophisticated printing methods like engraving and letterpress to trendy, affordable and contemporary printing methods like thermography, flat print and digital printing, the perfect wedding invitation is available to you, no matter how large or small your budget. Choose a wedding invitation that reflects your wedding and fits in with your own style and budget with our shop by printing method collection of wedding invitations.

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The printing method chosen for your wedding invitations is so much more than just simple ink and paper! At we offer a plethora of wedding invitations from different manufacturers whom offer a variety of print methods to appeal to all types of wedding styles, budgets and themes from simple and affordable to high-class and luxurious. This collection of shop wedding invitations by print method will educate you on which printing process is the right choice for your wedding, style and budget. For those looking for a simple or casual wedding invitation, we offer flat print wedding invitations, which is our most affordable print method. Your text prints flush with your invitation design for a smooth matte finish. For those looking for a higher quality print method, without the extreme costs, we offer thermography wedding invitations which offer an elegant raised printing at an affordable price. This is the most popular print method for wedding invitations.

For those with a more expansive wedding budget, we offer engraved printing which offers one of the most classic print methods used, which is done with impressions using ink and copper plates. This will be the print method your mother or grandmother likely used on their own invitations. Lastly, our most luxurious and contemporary print methods, is our letterpress wedding invitations. These truly unique invitations feature a fibrous and textured card stock to which your wording is pushed into the paper, creating a uniquely colorful and distinctive impression that cannot be outdone. Click on each category of wedding invitation print methods and choose the print method that best fits in with your wedding budget and personal style!