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Personalized Paper Napkins

It’s the little details that really count at any gathering. Sometimes it’s what guests notice most and what ties the party’s theme together in the end. Monogrammed cocktail napkins and cocktail plates add a very special and personal touch to events like formal dinners, weddings, receptions, reunions or a simple ladies lunch. Choose from our elegant selection of napkins like pearl embossed and tint embossed. Pearl embossed napkins create a contrast between the lettering and the napkin, while tint embossed ones use the same color to form a more flowing design. All of these options let you design unique personalized wedding napkins. We also carry foil stamped napkins in different sizes for various uses. We have unique lettering and monogramming styles that allow you to print a couple’s name, a family name, a special date, a special graphic, initials or a combination.