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Mardi Gras Invitations

It doesn't matter where you are, but you don't have to be in "N'awlins" to celebrate one of the most famous and fun-filled holidays. The day of Mardi Gras or the "Carnival season" takes place on the Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) before Ash Wednesday. To many, this is the last day to celebrate before giving up a certain vice for the Lenten season. For others, this is simply a reason to celebrate. And while the actual Mardi Gras day falls on a Tuesday, we firmly believe in following New Orleans's example and partying the entire week…or at least trying to!

Create your own celebration and start it off with a bang using our Mardi Gras invitations. With these invites, you can set the tone of your own party since there are so many different ways to celebrate this holiday. From casual gatherings to big-deal balls, we've got the cards you need!

Choose from invitations in the typical gold, purple and green colors. Rex, the original King of Carnival, chose these colors. Gold stands for power, purple for justice and green for faith. Mardi Gras masks are always part of the holiday and are featured on many of our invites. Other symbols that relate to this special holiday and are included in our designs include streamers, the fleur-de-lis, hurricane drinks, beads, jazz musicians and floats. Make sure you hold a party that makes New Orleans natives proud. We offer beautiful Mardi Gras party invitations that can be easily personalized with the standard wording as well as any extra notes that guests might need to know. Choose from typical horizontal or vertical invitations, or mix it up with square or extra long vertical invites. Just remember that any odd sizing may cost extra in postage.

For those that want to truly add a personal touch, check out our Mardi Gras photo invitations and include a picture of the hosts! If you're throwing a more traditional celebration, make sure you get the food right. Whip up some Cajun or Creole delights (just think Emeril Lagasse – BAM!) like gumbo, crawfish etouffee, maque choux corn, Mock Turtle soup and don't forget the King Cake. Are you throwing your own Mardi Gras ball? These are especially popular in the Deep South during this time of year. Let your guests know that the event is formal and not just an everyday get-together. We have Mardi Gras invites that can help with this formality and get the word out. Make your love of Mardi Gras known. Dancing in the streets with feathers beads and masks, what more do we need to have a Mardi Gras blast?!