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Christmas Party Invitations & Holiday Invitations

The season is finally upon us! The holidays are thought about and planned for all year long. So, no matter what time of the year it is, you can get ahead of the game with our selection of Christmas invitations and holiday invites. While you're gearing up for the celebration of a lifetime, make sure you remember what the holidays are all about family and fun! It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything that's going on, which is why you should at least leave the invitation stuff to the experts (read: Invitation Box) and concentrate on the more important things like decorating, baking and shopping for presents!
Holiday Party Invitations

Cookie Swap Holiday Party Invitation
Party Ornaments Holiday Party Invitation
toasty santa
Holiday Party Chalk
Holiday Sparkle Tree Holiday Party Invitation
Christmas Star Holiday Party Invitation
'Tis The Season Holiday Party Invitation
Claus Cocktails
Filigree Reindeer VIP Black
Modern Christmas Cocktails Holiday Invitation
Glass Snow Ball
Deck the Halls Mistletoe Invitation
ho-ho-holiday party!
Beaded Snowflakes Berry
Eat, Drink & Be Merry Santa Holiday
Chalkboard Snowflake
Red Brocade Soiree
Merry & Bright Rustic Green Holiday Invitation
Peace, Love + Cocktails
Jolly Chevron
Modern Eat, Drink & Be Merry Holiday Invitation
holiday party couple
Crystal Perch
Rustic Joy Holiday Card
laughing all the way!
Festive Palms
Krafty Reindeer Holiday Invitation
Enter...the Season

Floral Vine on Red
Merry & Bright Rustic Red Holiday Invitation
Be Merry Blue Confetti Holiday VIP
Snow Pine
claus christmas couple (afr. amer.)
Making Spirits Bright Holiday Invitation
Snowflake Swirl White Invitation
the word is blitzen!
Traditional Flourish Red
jingle your bells - b+w
Holiday Spirits
Holiday Couple
Elegant Holiday Celebration
Make Some Merry Holiday
got nog?
Be Merry Peppermint Holiday Invitation
Elegant Damask Holiday
Eat, Drink and Be Merry Red
Jolly Old Hat
southern style christmas (blonde)
Cocktail Napkin Holiday Invite
claus christmas couple
Holiday Party Gold Glitter
Tipsy Reindeer
Ornaments Apple Invitation
Let it Snow Blue Holiday Invitation
Elegant Spray
Oh Christmas Tree
Seasons Greetings Red
White Elephant
VIP Ornament Blue
Krafty Christmas Tree Holiday Invitation
Cheerful Holiday Dots Invitation
holiday party couple (afr. amer.)
A Little Bubbly Red
Cheerful Red Holiday Pine Invitation
Highland Wreath
3 Box Wreaths
Red Snowflake
Hanging Ornaments
Be Merry Holiday Ornaments
Classic Damask Red
Flourish of Champagne
Oh Deer Ornament
Fa La La Holiday Ornaments Invitation
toasty santa (afr. amer.)
VIP Chalkboard
Festive Flourish
Elegant Holiday Extravaganza Red Invitation
Needlework Tree
Flashy Bulbs
Filigree Ornament Red
Vintage Snowflake
Drink'n Deer
Black Toile with Red Accent
Love & Cheers
Merry and Bright
Vintage Reindeer Noel Celebration Holiday
Red Bow
Retro Holiday VIP
Mr. Chickadee
jingle your bells - pale blue
southern style christmas (brunette)
Fa La La Green Confetti Holiday
Filigree Snowflake Silver Invitation
Tinsel Cocktail
Kilt Supper
Holiday Soiree Bright Red Invitation
Typographic Holiday Party
Funky Ornaments
Vintage Signs - Cadillac Santa
Magnolia Wreath

Winter Wonderland Cherry
Filigree Reindeer Black Invitation
Silhouette Christmas Party Bright Red Invitation
Starburst Soiree
Bright Lights Holiday Invitation
Retro Christmas Party Invitation
Filigree Ornament VIP Blue
Oh By Golly It's A Holiday Party Black
Corner Scrolls Red
Cookie Tin
VIP Red Flourish
Cheerful Spirit
Gathered Greens
Green Pocket with Crystal Insert and Dark Red Bow
Holly Jolly Christmas
Holiday Wishes Green
Holiday Chandelier
Swirly Snowflake Square Paprika Invitation
Holiday in the City VIP
Holiday Martini Chocolate Invitation
Large Damask Berry Invitation
Funky Branches
Filigree Wreath Red Invitation
Colorful Toile Ornaments
Holiday Paisley
Red and White Bow on Swirls
Tiny Little Gingers
Holly Tea
Eat, Drink and Be Merry Green
Eat, Drink and Be Merry Gold
Holiday Toast Ebony Invitation
Urned Entry
Flourished Color Block - Black & Red
Cutlery Dinner Party Black Invitation
Elegant Ornaments Berry Invitation
Holiday in the City
Snowflake Holiday Party
Traditional Flourish Gold
Traditional Flourish Green
Silver & White Winter Group
Jolly Wine
Merry Christmas Modern Love Holiday
Dancing Snowman
Merry Reindeer Holiday Party
Classic Damask Green
Damask Border - Crimson
Reverse Damask - Black
Filigree Tree Green Invitation
Ornaments on Blue
Gold Snowflake
Christmas Martini
Vellum Damask Black - Crimson Ribbon
Candy Cane Cocktail Group
Tipsy Santa
Retro Party Sign
Martinis and Mistletoe
Festive Entry
Classic Damask Gold
Blue Confetti Pocket with White Bow
Dotty Tree
Happy Snowman with Holly
By The Candle Light
Cany Cane Napkin
French Floral
Silhouette Champagne Toast White Invitation
Welcome to Vegas
Toy Soldiers Invitation
Soiree Style
Nutcracker on Red Harlequin
Holiday Home
Santa Girl Snow - Brunette Invitation
Elegant Holiday Extravaganza Green Invitation
Custom Logo Cheers Pocket
Holiday Open House
Seuss Stockings
Iconic Tree
Bright Snowflake Holiday Party
Perfect Partygoers
Onyx Pocket with Crystal Insert and Dark Green Bow
Seasons Greetings Gold
Seasons Greetings Multi-color
Red Toile
Santa Girl
Filigree Ornament Pocket Red
Candy Cane Girl
Delightful Decorating Duo
Let it Snow Red and Green Holiday Invitation
Santa's Ladies
Jingle Bulbs
Santa Girl Cool - Blonde Invitation
Christmas Crib
Candle Glow
Santa Chic Invitations
Under the Chandelier Light
Preppy Holiday Red Invitation
Santa Shaken
Medallion Black & Red
Holiday Wine Chocolate with Bow Invitation
Festive Bow on Green Baroque
Celebrate in Style Invitation
Blue Snowflakes Pocket
Cheerful Green Holiday Pine Invitation
Sassy Deer
Ebony Damask
Be Merry
Holiday Chandelier Ebony Invitation
Holiday Egg Nog
Holiday Pigs
Tropical Santa
Retro Ornaments
Holiday Loops Invite
Toast and Cheer Black
Red Tartan
Candy Cane Cocktail Couple (Afr. Amer.)
Red Cocktail
Elegant Toppers
Ice Skating Soiree Invitation
Christmas Couple
Jolly Cocktails
Cookie Exchange Invitation
Santa Girl Tropical - Blonde Invitation
Topiary Glitz
Let it Snow Invitation
Holiday Tabletop
Damask Border - Black with Ribbon
Middle of the Peppermint Red Square
Three Presents Chocolate Invitation
Jolly Palms
Hip Holiday Hostess #2 (Blonde)
Retro Trees
Madam's Flute
Polka Dot Bright Red Invitation
Holiday Welcome
Glamour Group Holiday Party
Santa Girls
Floral Ebony Invitation
Holy Night
Holiday Cocktail
Holiday Present
Damask Trees
Christmas Box
Frost Gold Ball
Holiday Dinner Plate Invitation
Couture Cocktails
Jolly Charm
A Cardinal in the Snow
Nellie Stevens Holly
Dirty Santa
Silver & White Winter Couple
Elegant Toile Tree on Brown
Retro Christmas Dinner Invitation
Wild Christmas Cocktails
Festive Antlers
Jingle Topiaries
White Elephant
Cookie Kids
Tacky Party
Red Damask
Reindeer Riot
Mosaic Star
Christmas Tree
Christmas Cocktails
Softly Lit
Jingle Tree
Light Bulbs Black Invitation
New Holiday Nest Invitation
Decorating Ladies
Tree of Joy White Invitation
Christmas Tree on Red
Jingle Toast
Jolly Trim
Merry & Bright
Festive Penguins
Rustic Hearth
Holiday Skyline
Wreath Peace
Naughty & Nice
Drinks Tray
Peppy Pines
Holiday Dinner Table Sky Invitation
Festive Party
Tipsy Snowman
Let it Snowman
Wild Holiday Invitation
Golden Globes
Hip Holiday
Ornament Array
Hipster Holiday
Red Dress Runway
Holiday Cocktail and Ornaments
Festive Cutlery
Gift Girl #2
Holiday Monkey
Holiday Glasses
Party Window
Holiday Soiree Vanilla Invitation
Tree Trimming
Silhouette Mistletoe White Invitation
Classic Ecru and Red Linen Layered Invitation
Merry Trellis
Santa Stripe
Vintage Reindeer
Christmas Notes
Festive Plate
Candy Jars
Tropical Holiday Invitation
Silhouette Toast Bright Red Invitation
Happy Holiday Hearth
Fragile Beauty
Ugly Sweater Invitation
Ribbon Red
Evergreen Placesetting
Merry Presents
Stripe Snowman
Stocking Cheer
Cookie Card
Ho! Ho! Ho! Invitation
Rustic Deer
Red Nog
Jolly Plate
Jolly Socks
Festive House
Silhouette Tree Bright Red Invitation
Yummy Gingerbread House
Tree Speak
Wreath Stripe
Reindeer and Ornaments
Reindeer Grace
Merry Everything Invitations
Cooks + Cookies
Merry Cocktail Invitations
Topiary Cheer
Holiday Couple's Shower
B+W Flourish - Green and Purple
Festive Foyer
Sweet Nutcrackers
Tree Trimming Party
Racy Reindeer
Filigree Stocking Black
Pink + Red Brocade Girl
Cocktails + Couture
Calligraphy Tree
Santa Girl Invitations
Classic Ornaments
Get Jingled!
Red + Pink Flourish Square
Christmas Elves
Beer + Cheer!
Christmas Ornaments
Cookie Exchange
Ornaments Branches
Silverware Soiree In Blue
Holiday Ikat
Twinkling Office Party
B+W Brocade Square
Holiday Berries Wasabi
Holiday To Do List
Scribbly Wreath
Christmas Stripes
Ornamental Overdrive
Santa Sister
Holiday Treats
Holiday Baby Bunting - African American
Cheer Loops
Christmas Dots
Stockings and Presents
Snowy Icons
Sandy Santa - Blonde
B+W Flourish - Blue
Merry Merlot
Be Merry!
Holiday Chevron
Reindeer Ornament Berry
Dancing Ornaments Invitations
Swirly Celebration In Purple
Christmas Confetti Bali
Three Stockings
Damask Dove
Party of Five
Christmas Argyle
Ornament Shuffle
Ornament Tree Bali
Christmas Retro
Naughty or Nice?
Happy Snowman
Partridge in a Pear Tree
Holiday Celebration Invitations
Celebratory Stripes
Christmas Topiary
Merry Chevron
Merry Holiday Modern Invitation
Tree and Presents
Peacock Baubles
Holiday Bubbly
Christmas Palm Tree
Christmas Wreath
Festive Floral - Black and Pink
Sparkle, Darling!
Twinkle Lights
Stripes and Dots
Holiday Party
Tree Trimming Party - African American
Cocktail Time!
Holiday Gift Swap
Green with Dots
Woodland Holiday
Sparkling Snowflake Invitations
Floral + Tweed In Blue
Yule Fuel
Cheerful Plate
Darling Santa
Ornament Swing
Yuletide Wreath
Holiday Girl Invitations
Liberty Holiday
Berry Boughs
Christmas Checkered
Ornaments + Plaid
Christmas Place Setting
Jolly Cocktails
Nandina & Magnolia
Sparkle Holly
Black Watch Tartan with Ribbon
Deer Elegance
Wreath Red
Tree Trimming for Two - Redhead Invitation
Open House Key Black Invitation
Merry Bulbs
Oh Joy
Garland Red
Woodland Wreath
Elegant Brocade Chocolate and Cerulean with Ribbon
Victorian Snow on Holly
Holiday Plaid
Ornate Tree
Glamour Group Holiday Party (Afr. Amer.)
Stylized Poinsettia and Holly
Merry Chit Chat
Hip Holiday Hostess
Merry Sips
Eat, Drink & Be Married!
Red Striped Border
North Pole
Silhouette Gift Lime Invitation
Woodland Tree
Silver on Gold Medallions Invitation
Holiday Dinner Table Chocolate Invitation
Jolly Couple
Bear's Bama Houndstooth
Christmas Tea
Jolly Ornament
Chevron Deer
Woodland Pines
Magical Mantle - Pink & Brown
Framed Santa
Snowy Trim
Red Christmas Party Ticket
Dallas Holidays
Ornament Bride & Groom
Holiday Earth Girl - Blonde Invitation
Snow Flower
Festive Flourish (Red)
Holiday Magic Blue Photo Ticket
Merry Shopping
Tree Star
White Elephant Invitation
Prissy Wreath
Canes & Flakes
Christmas Open Party Ticket
Cool Cocktail Crowd
Wreath Chair
Concentric Christmas Invitation
Glamour Girl Bride - Holiday
Peace Angels
Broach Teal
Poinsettia Christmas
Holiday Plaid with Ribbon
Scribbly Snow Tree Invitation
Cranberry Niche
Silver Lace & Floral
Rustic Table
Festive Formal Couple
Poinsettia Pink
Simple Christmas Tree
Ornament Mom-To-Be
Holiday Bridle & Bit
Realtor Holiday Party Ticket
Festive Goblets
Girly Tree
Holiday Drink
Ivory on Green Velvet
Candy Cane Cocktail Couple (Blonde)
Light Poinsettia
Toy Soldier
Wreath Gold
Classic Red Linen and Green Linen Layered Invitation
Eat, Drink & Be Merry!
Beach Blanket Holiday
Houston Holidays
Festive Swirl
Cocoa Sweets
Ivy Holiday
Elegant Gifts
Bookplate Christmas Trees Invitation
Be Merry Blue Confetti Holiday
Ho Ho Ho Red Confetti Holiday
Dotted Paisley
Oh By Golly It's A Holiday Party Blue
Elegant Damask White Holiday
Fa La La Green Confetti Holiday VIP
Ho Ho Ho Red Confetti Holiday VIP
Filigree Reindeer VIP Berry
Filigree Ornament VIP Cherry
VIP Ornament Green
Onyx Pocket with Crystal Insert and Gold Bow
Silver Pocket with Crystal Insert and Gold Bow
Filigree Ornament Pocket Blue
Filigree Ornament Pocket Green
Green Snowflakes Pocket
Red Confetti Pocket with White Bow
Winter Wonderland Charcoal
Winter Wonderland Blue
Winter Wonderland Apple
Holiday Wishes Venice
Red Linen Pocket with Crystal Insert and Dark Green Bow
Merry Holiday
Damask Border - Crimson with Ribbon
Holiday Chandelier Lime Invitation
Flourished Color Block - Green & Brown
Snowflake Swirl Bright Red Invitation
Black Toile with Green Accent
Swirly Snowflake Square Black Invitation
Corner Scrolls Light Olive
Elegant Ornaments Charcoal Invitation
Red Lined Toile
Damask Border - Lime & Black
Ornaments Fountain Invitation
Silhouette Champagne Toast Grey Invitation
Damask Border - Black
Vermillion Damask
A Little Bubbly Green
Preppy Holiday Wasabi Invitation
Elegant Ornaments Chocolate Invitation
Snowflake Swirl Lime Invitation
Large Damask Lime Invitation
Silhouette Christmas Party Lime Invitation
Elegant Ornaments Black Invitation
Silhouette Champagne Toast Bright Red Invitation
Holiday Chandelier Bright Red Invitation
Christmas Crib - African American
A Little Bubbly Blue
Green Toile
Present Stack Chocolate Invitation
Holiday Chandelier Slate Invitation
Silhouette Christmas Party Azure Invitation
Tree of Joy Sky Invitation
Middle of the Peppermint Red & Green Square
Tree of Joy Lime Invitation
Woodcut Border Rouge with Ribbon
Large Damask Azalea Invitation
Santa Girl Snow - African American Invitation
Holiday Toast Bright Red Invitation
Ornaments Taupe Invitation
Classic White and Red Linen Layered Invitation
Hip Holiday Hostess #2 (Afr. Amer.)
Classic Ecru and Green Linen Layered Invitation
Toast and Cheer Green
Holiday Soiree White Invitation
Cutlery Dinner Party Olive Invitation
Holiday Toast Chocolate Invitation
Beaded Snowflakes Black
Tree Trimming Party - Blonde
Silverware Soiree In Pink
Cocktails + Couture - Blonde
Racy Reindeer - Blonde
Beaded Snowflakes Wasabi
Festive Flourish - Turquoise and Red
B+W Flourish - Pink
B+W Brocade Soiree
Christmas Confetti Lime
Reindeer Ornament Black
Holiday Berries Berry
Cocktails + Couture - African American
Holiday Baby Bunting
Festive Floral - Red and Turquoise
Sandy Santa
Red Dress Runway - Blonde
Pink + Red Brocade Girl - African American
Holiday Berries Cocoa
Ornament Tree Apple
Filigree Stocking Berry
Swirly Celebration In Scarlet
Christmas Confetti Black
Large Damask Charcoal Invitation
Ornate Diamonds Red
Santa Girl Snow - Blonde Invitation
Light Bulbs White Invitation
Floral Vine on Green and Black
Santa Girl Cool - Brunette Invitation
Holiday Chandelier Chocolate Invitation
Woodcut Border Sage with Ribbon
Santa Girl Tropical - Brunette Invitation
Silhouette Mistletoe Bright Red Invitation
Silhouette Christmas Party Azalea Invitation
Open House Key Berry Invitation
Holiday Wine Chocolate Invitation
Hip Holiday Hostess #2
Tree Trimming for Two - African American Invitation
Toast and Cheer Red
Holiday Chandelier Teal Invitation
Silhouette Tree Hydrangea Invitation
Damask Border - Christmas with Ribbon
Silhouette Tree White Invitation
Santa Girl Tropical - African American Invitation
Cutlery Dinner Party Chocolate Invitation
Three Presents Sky Invitation
Holiday Wine Sky with Bow Invitation
Cutlery Dinner Party Berry Invitation
Tree Trimming for Two - Blonde Invitation
Silhouette Gift White Invitation
Under the Silver Chandelier Light
Tax Department Holiday Party Ticket
Company Holiday Party Ticket
Open House Key Chocolate Invitation
Holiday Soiree Wasabi Invitation
Holiday Chandelier Silver Invitation
Holiday Soiree Teal Invitation
Candy Cane Cocktail Couple
Santa Girl Cool - Asian Invitation
Purple Holiday Party Ticket
Light Bulbs Paprika Invitation
Ornate Diamonds Black with Ribbon
Holiday Wine Sky Invitation
Swirly Snowflake Square Eden Invitation
Reverse Damask - Envy
Tinsel Holiday Party Ticket
Holiday Magic Red Photo Ticket
Elegant Brocade Rouge and Ebony
Swirly Snowflake Square Escape Invitation
Stylized Poinsettia and Holly with Ribbon
Silhouette Toast Sky Invitation
Elegant Brocade Vert
Green Lined Toile
Elegant Brocade Vert with Scarlet Ribbon
Santa Girl Cool - African American Invitation
Holiday Soiree Brown Invitation
Ornate Diamonds Red with Ribbon
Silhouette Toast White Invitation
Holiday Earth Girl - Brunette Invitation
A Christmas Party Ticket
Holiday Bridle & Bit with Ribbon
Santa Girl Snow - Asian Invitation
Holiday Soiree Bali Invitation
Damask Border - Christmas
Santa Girl Tropical - Asian Invitation
Ornate Diamonds Black
Silhouette Mistletoe Azure Invitation
Holiday Earth Girl - Redhead Invitation
Classic White and Green Linen Layered Invitation
Holiday Earth Girl - Asian Invitation
Holiday Magic Silver Photo Ticket
Elegant Ornaments Wasabi Invitation
Elegant Brocade Rouge and Ebony with Ribbon
Light Bulbs Eden Invitation
Tree Trimming for Two - Brunette Invitation
Chandelier Vellum Noir Invitation
Holiday Dots
Iconic Tree Vellum Invitation
Ornamental Tree Lime Vellum Invitation
Chandelier Vellum Lime Invitation
Ornamental Tree Turquoise Vellum Invitation
Ornamental Tree Pink Vellum Invitation
Topiary Swirl
Chandelier Vellum Bright Red Invitation

When you're deciding which type of party you want to throw, make sure your holiday invitation accurately reflects the style and atmosphere you're going for. If you're set on a Christmas gathering, we have plenty of cards that will certainly let your guests know how serious about Santa you are. Choose from red and green colors peppered with graphics like Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa Clauses and stockings. Even if you want to give the feeling of Christmas without specifying the holiday, reindeer, poinsettias, lights, nutcrackers and candy canes will certainly get the message across that this soiree is certainly about holiday cheer.

Shake up tradition a bit and order fun color combinations that include hues like fuchsia, gray, black and light blue. Guests will love that it's not just another average holiday party. There are so many different types of celebrations to be had from buttoned up galas to laid-back get-togethers. No matter your style, we're certain you'll have a heck of a good time. Make sure guests get in the inside info with our Christmas party invitations and holiday invites. If you're planning a formal event, choose an invite that reflects it. Elegant invitations that include gold, silver and ecru coloring are classic while strands of holly, wreathes and chandeliers add a touch of class. Going for something more dressed down? We offer the cutest cards to send to guests. Gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, cartoon snowmen and green and red martinis will all point to a good time. There are so many cute phrases on these holiday invitations that only add to the fun. Slogans like "The lights are all up, the wrapping is done, it's time to sit back and have a little fun.", "The holidays in paradise are never white with snow, but our homes are bright and beautiful with Christmas lights aglow, cocktails at seven and dinner at eight, please don't be late."