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Use this etiquette guideline to plan your next social event


Etiquette has developed and progressed over many years. What was proper or common one hundred years ago, may not be what is acceptable today. As old traditions become outdated, new traditions are added and the older guidelines and rules evolve due to the new social norm. The most important detail to remember about etiquette is that it is based upon politeness, consideration and common sense. Absorb what is given in this short guide; however remember not to compromise your own thoughts and beliefs. Etiquette is merely a guideline for courteousness.

The purpose of this etiquette section is to assist you in becoming familiar with the proper traditional and modern etiquette for your invitations, stationery and gift-giving efforts. A properly worded invitation will contain the relevant information necessary for your guests and state this information undoubtedly. The type of stationery you utilize will say something about you as a person.