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Cocktail Party Invitations

Mix and mingle this summer and have some friends over for a fun cocktail party. Mix up some daiquiris and snacks and extend the invite to everyone! With cocktail party invitations from Invitation Box you can find the perfect invitation to bring people together, whether planning a summer tiki cocktail party of winter formal get together with dinner and drinks. Kick back, relax, and have a few drinks by the pool with your friends and family. We have a wide selection of cocktail party invites sure to fit your unique personality, style, and theme. Choose from fruity tropical cocktail drinks with umbrellas, colorful polka dots, beach scenes, lime slices, coconuts, martinis, and other fun designs. Choose from a variety of both vertical and horizontal invites to fit all the information you need.

Ice Cold Beer
Modern And Krafty Cocktail Party
Fresh Julep
Drink Cluster
Champagne Party
Girl's Night Martini
Tropical Drink
Drinks Galore
Bucket O Brews
Cocktail Chic Invitation
Deck Party
Wine Rings
Retro Cocktail Party
Mint Julep
Cocktail Party Kelly Green - Brunette
Birthday Cake & Cocktails
Cute Champagne Couple Invitation
Green Cocktail Stripes
Tiki Hut
Nightcap Swim
Couture Night Out Invitations
City Party Digital Photo
Sophisticated Soiree
Crab Beer Bucket
Cool Suds
Cheers To Beer
Cocktail Gathering
Tropical Cocktail Tray
Poolside Chic
Red Wine Collection
Multi-Cultural Diva
Margaritas Anyone
Martini Gleam
Martinis & More
Two Margaritas
Colorful Cocktail Glasses
Fruity Sangria
Soiree with a Twist
Cocktail Girl Blonde
Posh Bar
Champagne Party Digital Photo
Margarita Fiesta
Polka Dot Tinis Square Party Invitation
Chilled & Shaken
Fine Stein
It's 5 o'clock Somewhere
Night Out
Party Banner Digital Photo
Celebrate with Champagne
Girl's Night Out
Tropical Drink
Multi-cultural Diva Photo
Christmas Martini
Confetti Party Pink Digital Photo
Solid Bar
Cocktails Invitation
Cocktails Alfresco
Cocktail Party Hot Pink - Blonde
Two Tinis
1st & 2nd
Fall Cocktails Alfresco
Magic Martini
Fruity n Cool
Pretty Patterned Party Invite
Black Martini
Perfect Party
Lime Slices Invitation
Spicy Mary
Cocktail Party - Group
Stock the Bar
Martini Glass Invitation
Star Party Invitations
Martini Shaker
Pink Martini Glass
Martini Silhouette
Cocktail Girl
Last Call
Cocktail Posse
Metro Cocktails
Vintage Signs - Fiesta Invite
Cocktails Anyone?
Mardi Gras Invitations
Classic Martini Tall
Cocktails Invitation
Chandelier Party Digital Photo
Weekend in Las Vegas Green
Brunette Diva
Classic Martini Square
Birthday Cake & Cocktails Photo
Summer Drinks
Gold Sash Invitation
Classic Martini
Crown Party Digital Photo
Tipsy Invitation
Cocktails Invitation
Classic Martini
Lime Slice Invitation
Spring Keg
Sherbert Lanterns
Festive Fall Cocktails Die Cut
Salty Margarita
Lounging Beachside
Shaken Not Stirred Invitation
Mode Invitation
Birthday Cocktail
Garnished Invitation
Vine Invitation
Shake It Up! Invitation
Grand Invitation
Now Serving Beer Bottle Invitation
Vogue Invitation
Leopard Lounge
Now Serving Martini Invitation
Hurricanes at Mardi Gras
Oktoberfest Brew Orange Photo Ticket
Pomp Invitation
Cherries with a Twist Invitation
Create a Stir Invitation
Blue Bar
Oktoberfest Green Photo Ticket
Encircle Invitation
Christmas Box
Now Serving Glass Invitation
Olives with a Twist Invitation
Toast of the Town Invitation
Tropical Drink Invitation
Cocktail Party Hot Pink - Brunette
Cocktail Party Kelly Green - Blonde
Brunette Diva Digital Photo
Wine Rings Purple

These summer party invitations are great for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, pool parties, theme parties, holiday celebrations, and just because. Choose from colorful and fun invites with lime green, bright yellow, pretty pink, ocean blue, and other fun party colors or go for a more formal black border with elegant lettering. Get your guests excited for a good time with festive and unique designs sure to grab their attention. Many designs can be ordered blank for printing at a later date. For the environmentally conscious party goer, we also have a number of invitations made from recycled paper. You can add an additional touch of elegance to your invites with rounded edges as well.

The summer is a great time for relaxing at the pool with a drink in hand. Don't waste your time at the store printing out your invitations when you can do it easily from the comfort of your home any time you want. With over 100 different designs you're sure to find something perfect for your cocktail party. Not to mention, we ship fast and direct to your door. Just slap a stamp on the envelope and you're on your way to having fun!

Printing your invitations from Invitation Box is quick, simple, and easy. No hassle involved! You can customize your invitation to your liking by changing font color, position, size, and choosing from over 100 different font styles to find the perfect font to fit your theme and personality. All invitations come with white unlined envelopes, but a splash of additional color can be added with brightly colored lined envelopes. Save time by having us print your return address and even the address of your recipients onto your invites. Not sure what to say on your invitation? Browse through our wide selection of suggested greeting card wording to come up with a unique way to express your excitement. We also have an etiquette section and grammar section for making sure you address your invitations properly. Here at InvitationBox.com we offer affordable pricing and unique, attractive designs. In addition, enjoy free shipping on all your cocktail party invite orders over $75, so invite everyone and have a great time!