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Clam Bake, Lobster Bake, Shrimp Boil and Seafood Boil Invitations

Nothing says summer more than a seafood boil with all of your family and friends. Invite the gang over for a family get together while you enjoy the outside weather and spend the day eating a collaboration of delicious seafood. A seafood boil is perfect for large events, whether you’re celebrating an engagement party, an adult birthday party or a corporate event. This collection of seafood boil invitations features the perfect invitations to set the scene for your event featuring crab boil invitations, clam bake invitations, shrimp boil invitations and crawfish boil invitations. You bring the butter, hot sauce and craw-dads, we'll supply you with a seafood invitation that makes your party a great catch!

Can you keep those critters in the pot? It's about to get hot in here! Spice things up this summer by celebrating your next milestone event with a seafood boil or clambake with your friends, family members and co-workers. A shrimp or crawfish boil is a very popular party theme in the southern United States, which stems from the traditions of Louisiana and Cajun culture. Lobster bakes and clam bakes are also extremely popular around the northeastern coast. Perfect for large parties, (think rehearsal dinners, family get-togethers, reunions, corporate events or birthday parties), your favorite seafood steams and boils all day along with corn, onions and potatoes to feast upon. Simply add a bit of Cajun spices, butter and lemon juice, and you've got the recipe for an unforgettable party, where no one will leave hungry!

Our seafood boil invitations feature a variety of different boil options, depending on what kind of seafood you prefer. Choose from northeastern themed seafood boils featuring clam bake invitations and lobster bake invitations or a southern tradition boil with shrimp boil invitations and crawfish boil invitations. Our seafood boil and clam bake invitations feature funny designs with cartoon seafood crawling out of their cooking pot, seafood boil scenes, large cooking pots, oysters on the half shell, beach themes, place settings and picnic scenes. Add a little spice to your next event and serve up a traditional southern or northeastern seafood feast which is plenty enough to serve the entire family.