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Bridal Shower Invitations

Around the Clock Shower Linen and Lingerie Shower Around the House Shower Couples Shower Stock the Kitchen Shower Stock the Bar Party

A bridal shower is the perfect way to shower the bride-to-be with love, gifts and best wishes before she heads down the aisle into wedded bliss! Set the scene for her special day with a bridal shower invitation from, whether her bridal style is trendy and chic or classy and traditional. Choose from themed bridal shower invitations featuring an around the clock shower, linen & lingerie shower, around the house shower, couples shower, stock the kitchen shower or a general bridal shower invitation!

Bridal Blossoms
Saddle Up Pink Birthday Invitation
Beautiful Bride with Bow - Brunette
The Perfect Day Krafty Circle Bridal Shower
Beautiful Box
The Perfect Pair
Chevron Flower Puffs
Western Bandana Red Invitation
Bridal Love Reigns
Bridal Shower Chalk
Introducing the Future Mrs. Pink Photo Bridal Shower
Delightful Daisy
Western Banada White Invitation
Vintage Dress Bridal Shower
Love Birds
Potted Hydrangea
Forever In My Heart Photo Couples Shower
Grey Damask Gift on Blue
Love in Bloom Denim Invitation
Floral Whimsy
Damask Gift on Blue
The Future Mrs. Confetti Bridal Shower
Flower Luncheon
Pea Tendrils & Pinks
Bride With Confetti (Blonde)
Love in Bloom Kraft Invitation
Indigo Bride
I DO Shoes
Sparkly Purple Stiletto Bridal Shower
Country Dinner Doily Invitation
Springtime Garden
Bride With Confetti (Multicultural)
Rustic Floral Yellow Bridal Shower Invitation
Flowers and Rinestone Stilleto
Lush Floral
Watercolor Pink Flowers Bridal Shower
Chalkboard Mason Jar Bridal Shower Invitation
Perfect in Purple Bride - Brunette
Purple Garden
Bride With Confetti (Brunette)
Rustic Floral Pink Bridal Shower Invitation
Grey Damask Gift on Pink
Something Blue Bridal Shower
Rustic Love Blue Invitation
Lovely White Dress (Multicultural)
Pretty Topiaries
Balancing Bride
Watercolor Hydrangea
Pink Petal Bridal Cake
Watercolor Pink Tree Bridal Shower
Wine and Wedding Rings Bridal Shower
Darling Damask Blue
Sparkly Pink Stiletto Bridal Shower
Rustic Love Pink Invitation
Beach Scene
Vintage Floral
Eggplant Maids
Butterflies & Balloons
Pretty Pink Flowers
Floral Bride Brunette
Darling Damask Pink
Stock The Shelves - Pink
Wildflower Wedding
Lovely White Dress (Brunette)
Pink and Purple Flowers Bridal Shower
Script Heart Chalkboard
Pink Tulip Bridal Shower
Bridal Side Bali Redhead
Love Birds Winter
Sepia Sea
Lovely White Dress (Blonde)
Housewares Shower - Blue
Vintage Veil (Brunette)
Darling Damask Blue and Grey
Kitchen Love
Watercolor White Flower Bridal Shower
Chic Wedding Couple
Heart Monogram on Chalkboard Couples Shower
Classic Couple Bridal Shower - Pink
The Future Mrs.
Love Birds Invitation
The Perfect Day Krafty Bridal Shower
Bridal Shoes and Balloons Invitation
Playful Script Couples Shower
Fall Wonderful Wedding Dress
Filigree Dress Pink
Bridal Shower Ring
Darling Damask Light Pink
The Perfect Dress Blue Bridal Shower
Here Comes the Bride
Blue Brocade Bridal
Humble Beauty
City Silhouette
Couple's Shower - Blonde
Filigree Umbrella Charcoal
It's Love Bridal Shower
Spring Maids
The Keyhole Green with White Bow
Chintz Tea
Kissing Couple - Brunette
Vintage Veil
Wedding Cake Buttercup
Polka Dot Fun Engagement Party
She Said Yes Modern Elegance Engagement Party
Fanciful Pink Bridal Shower Square
Bridal Shower Chevron
I Do Bridal Shower
Wedding Dress Shower
Glamour Girl Bridal Shower
Soon-to-be Mrs.
Swooping Heart
Buds to Blooms
Wedding Day Dreams Bridal Shower
Bride Glow
Chandelier Shower - Gray
Plentiful Gifts
Love Wedding Shower
Snazzy Wedding
B+W Wedding Couple - Blue
Tropical Bride
Bride Speak
Shower with Love
Head Over Heels Bridal Shower
Classic Black Frame
Rose Invitation
Umbrella Love
Flamboyant Flor
Autumn Mums
Rose Ring
Orange Poppies
Lush Bouquet
Bouquet Bride
Hydrangeas on Silver Tray
Butterfly Dress
To Have And To Hold White Bridal Shower
Princess Shower Chocolate & Pink
Colorful Flowers
Kitchen Bride Blue
Happy in Love Silhouette Berry
Balloon Love Invitation
Love in the Air
Forecasting Love Bright
Baby's Breath & Roses
Posh Wedding Shower
Seashell Wedding
Beach Bride
Haute Flower
B+W Floral - Blue
Stylish Shower
Urban Destination
White Curly Q on Black
Snazzy Maids
Mod Bride
Lush Purple
Floral Bride Invitation (Brunette)
Bride Silhouette Purple
Wonderful Wedding Dress Invitation
Glamour Couple Wedding Shower - Green
Couples Wedding Shower
Floral Brunette
Classic Country Bride (Blonde)
Dove Flourish
Lace Bride
Zebra Bow on Pink Damask
Here Comes The Bride! - Blue (Brunette)
The Happiest Couple - Blue (Blonde)
Lingerie Frame
Pretty Damask Presents
Destination Style
Almost Married!
Blushing Beauty
Sweet Bride
Sterling Shower - Blue
The Royal
Lounging Lady
Orchid Bride
Bride & Maids
Black and White Toile with Pink Scallop Border
Red Bridal Shower
Beautiful Bride
Pink Polka Dot Cake
Gifts Galore
Couple on Box
Bridal Dress Form
Plum Bride
Pink Floral Bliss
Bouquet Girls
Glamour Girl Bridal Shower #2
Bella Bridesmaids (B&W)
Floral Corners Yellow
Black and White Floral Pattern
Bride on Box
SandDollar Starfish
Vintage Bride
Beach Legs
Bridesmaid Sky
Bride On Gift - Blue
Almost Married! - Blonde
Sand Dollar
Flora Grape
Stunning Shoe
Lace Bride Green
Bride on Box Blonde
Trellis Dress
Sassy Bride
Seashore Bride
Floral Extravaganza Pink & Green
Bride & Gifts
Chic Bride Invitation
Pink Bouquets
Green Floral
Bride Silhouette Blue
Bridal Nightie
Blue Cake Bride
Bridal Shower Calligraphy Script
Chic Bride
Bridesmaids Duo
The Right Dress - B&W
Calla Lilies
Bride On Gift (Blonde)
Contemporary Pink Botanicals with Silver Bow
Maids In Boots
Bride Silhouette Red
Cupcakes and Cocktails
Bridal Heels
Corner Scrolls Brown with Blue
Stitched Bride
Hot Pink Curly Q
Bridal Shower
Couple Dress Forms
Green Swirl Bride
Pretty In Pink Bride
Bride On Gift - Red
Sassy Grey Flourish
Sepia Bride
Bridal Bouquet
Vintage Bride
City Celebration
Teal Truffle Cake
His and Hers
Pink Petals
Nouvelle Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Flip Flops
St. Charles Bouquet
Mr. and Mrs. Right
Pink Truffle Cake
Key to My Heart
Pretty Zebra Presents
Shell Cake
Say Yes
Spring Bridal
Love is in the Air
Fuchsia & Flowers
Center Flower Invitation
Jack and Jill
Dress Invitation
My Bridal Tea
Classic Grey Frame Blue
Sassy Bridal Registry - Blue
Wine and Wedding Rings Circle Bridal Shower
Beautiful Dress
High Heel
On This Day Hydrangea
Wedding Day Heels
Vintage Couple
Floral Swag Bridal
Filigree Umbrella Pink
Friends Forever
Grill Partners
Peony Garden
Beautiful Cake
Pretty in Pink Bride (Blonde)
Blonde Bride On Gift - Pink
Elegant Iris
Pretty Pink Bridal Shower Invitation
Turquoise Swirl Bride
Bridal Side Bali Brunette with Pink Ribbon
Wedding Day
Spring Toile
White Flowers
Bridal Side Pink Brunette with White Ribbon
Swirl Bride
Wedding Dress
Catch the Bouquet
Spring Cherry
Bellini Flora
Rosy Wedding Cake
Bride with Bouquet
Lovely Lace
Shells Cake
Couple in Love Invitation
"Marry my friend" Pink
Stylish Shoe Closet - Engagement
Twirl Bridesmaids
Daisy Cake
Champagne Glee
Vintage Dress Form
Wedding Attire
Intricate Green Flourish
Pretty In Pink Party Invitation
Summer Bride
Vintage Bride Blonde
Cake Girl
Floral Bride
Couple Wedding Shower
Couples Shower
Fancy Wedding Cake
Bride and Bouquet
Couple's Shower Invitation
Blushing Bride Charcoal Brunette
Pots, Dishes and Best Wishes
Present Stack
Summer Wedding
Carnival Posies
Timeless Bride
Lounging Bride
Vintage Dress
Rose Cake
Blue Cake
Bridal Registry (Horizontal)- Blue
Flower Invitation
Blossom Cake
Bridal Party
Posies Ginger
Bride with Curtain Wasabi
Wedding Couple
Garden Blooms
Monogram Cake
Shower Girl
"Marry my friend" Lavender
Initial Cake Grey
Wedding Clothes
Turquoise and Brown Square
Bridal Side Grey African American with White Ribbon
Starlight Sweethearts
Hokey Pokey Hot Pink
Showered Couple
Pale Blue Flowers
Blushing Bride Asian
The Right Dress - Pink
Bundle of Blossoms Invitation
Midnight Meadows
Cherry Blossoms
Black and White Flowers
City Style
Blushing Bride Chocolate
Bridal Table
Love Tray
Blue Flowers on Brown
Cocoa Buds
Bridesmaids Dresses
Crest Necklace
Celebrating Bride
Art Nouveau Bride Invitation
Bundle of Blossoms Cellophane Invitation
Forecasting Love Pink
Bride with Gift Pink
Mod Bride
Posies Pink
Glamour Girl Bridal Shower (Afr. Amer.)
Bridal Procession
Showered with Gifts
Fine Bride
Wedding Rings on Blue
New Bride
Blushing Bride Blue African American
Here Comes the Bride
Classic Couple Wedding Shower - Blue (Two Brides)
Bridal Beauties (Blonde)
Classic Couple Wedding Shower - Blue (Two Grooms)
Sunflower Setting
The Kiss
Engraved Floral Azalea
Memory Board
Sweet Meadows
Bridal Umbrella
Shower Silhouette
Time To Celebrate
Shoes and Purse
Diva Wedding Shower
Wedding Rings on Taupe
Daisy Flower
Flower Stem Invitation
Elephant Mix
Cocoa Bride
Bride with Bridesmaids
Floral Dress Form
Cake Shower II
Cake Shower
Bloody Mary Brunch
Pretty Monogram
Something Blue Photo Bridal Shower
Beach Bird
Wedding Couple Shadow
Bridal Shower Surprise
Pink Flower
Sunflower Border
Wedding Style
Spring Love Bridal Shower
Bridal Gown Pink
Collegiate Red and Black
Blue Cake Bride (Blonde)
Sweet Layers
Three Roses on Orange Invitation
Strolling Presents
Simple Wedding Shower
Will You?
Formal Wed 
Big Bling
White Floral on Blue
I Do I Do
Classic Country Bride
Bride & Groom
Legs Bride
Pink Present Pileup
New Bridesmaids
Tea Glee
Pink Tissue
Blue Cake Bride (Afr. Amer.)
Blushing Bride Blue
Walking Bride
Beautiful Feather
Lace Bride
Wedding Cake Invitation
Sassy Bridal Registry - Blue (Blonde)
Luminesce Wedding Shower Invitation
Russet Table
Pink Heels
Morning Garden with Ribbon Invitation
Basque Pocket Invitation
Holiday Couple's Shower
Glamour Girl Bride - Holiday
Ornament Bride & Groom
Beautiful Bride with Bow - Blonde
A Walk Down The Aisle Purple Photo Ticket
A Walk Down The Aisle Light Blue Photo Ticket
A Walk Down The Aisle Pink Photo Ticket
Flower Power Green with Sublime Bow
Shimmering Giraffe Spots with Shocking Pink Bow on Quartz
Bouncing White Dots with Shocking Pink Bow
Black and White Curly Q with White Bow
Pink and White Curly Q with White Bow
Pink and White Curly Q with Black Bow
Lotsa Dots Purple with White Bow
Inside the Grain with White Bow
Flower Power Orange with White Bow
Flower Power Green with White Bow
Flower Power Pink with White Bow
Sun Kissed Pink Stars with Brown Bow
Shimmering Zebra Stripes Brown with Shocking Pink Bow on Quartz
Contemporary Pink Botanicals with Brown Bow
Contemporary Aqua Botanicals with White Bow
Contemporary Pink Botanicals with White Bow
Contemporary Pink Botanicals with Brown Bow on Quartz
Groovy Fun Flowers Brown with White Bow
Bouncing Pink Dots with White Bow
Vintage Pink Botanicals with Brown Bow
The Keyhole Teal with White Bow
The Keyhole Pink with White Bow
The Keyhole Blue with White Bow
The Keyhole Purple with White Bow
Bridal Side Wasabi African American with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Grey Redhead with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Grey African American with Pink Ribbon
Bridal Side Bali Redhead with White Ribbon
Couple's Shower Silhouette Bali
Blushing Bride Charcoal Asian
Princess Shower Black and Berry
Pink Here Comes the Bride
Kiwi Border Floral Arrangement
Lounging Bride (Blonde)
It's a Bridal Shower Ticket
Surprise Bridal Shower Ticket
Vintage Bride Blue
Bride On Gift (B&W)
Swinging Ring Bride - Purple (African American)
Bride On Gift - B&W (African American)
Bride On Gift - Pink
Blonde Bride On Gift - Blue
Bride On Gift - Red (Blonde)
Bride Silhouette Pink
Bride Silhouette Green
Purple and Black Square
Blue Truffle Cake
Floral Blonde
Lace Bride Pink
Brunette Diva
Ethnic Diva
Midnight Meadows
Garden Blooms
Happy in Love Silhouette Yellow
Happy in Love Silhouette Bali
Happy in Love Silhouette Hydrangea
Happy in Love Silhouette Wasabi
Happy in Love Silhouette Pink
Forecasting Love Purple
Forecasting Love Blue & Green
Forecasting Love Yellow
Princess Shower Chocolate & Bali
Princess Shower Turquoise & Lime
Princess Shower Olive
Filigree Dress Pink with Ribbon
Filigree Dress Bali
Filigree Dress Bali with Ribbon
Filigree Dress Yellow
Filigree Dress Yellow with Ribbon
Filigree Dress Lavender
Filigree Dress Lavender with Ribbon
Filigree Dress Berry
Filigree Dress Berry with Ribbon
Filigree Umbrella Bali
Filigree Umbrella Olive
Filigree Umbrella Berry
Couple's Shower Silhouette Olive
Couple's Shower Silhouette Berry
Couple's Shower Silhouette Danube
Couple's Shower Silhouette Yellow
Bride with Gift Bali
Bride with Gift Yellow
Bride with Gift Lavender
Bride with Gift Apple
Blushing Bride African American
Blushing Bride Blonde
Blushing Bride Brunette
Bridal Side Grey African American
Bridal Side Grey Blonde
Bridal Side Grey Brunette
Bridal Side Grey Redhead
Bridal Side Grey Blonde with Pink Ribbon
Bridal Side Grey Brunette with Pink Ribbon
Bridal Side Grey Blonde with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Grey Brunette with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Bali African American
Bridal Side Bali Blonde
Bridal Side Bali Brunette
Bridal Side Bali African American with Pink Ribbon
Bridal Side Bali Blonde with Pink Ribbon
Bridal Side Bali Redhead with Pink Ribbon
Bridal Side Bali African American with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Bali Brunette with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Pink African American
Bridal Side Pink African American with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Pink Blonde
Bridal Side Pink Blonde with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Pink Redhead
Bridal Side Pink Redhead with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Pink Brunette
Bridal Side Wasabi African American
Bridal Side Wasabi Blonde
Bridal Side Wasabi Brunette
Bridal Side Wasabi Blonde with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Wasabi Brunette with White Ribbon
Bridal Side Wasabi Redhead
Bridal Side Wasabi Redhead with White Ribbon
Initial Cake Purple
Initial Cake Pink
Initial Cake Aqua
Initial Cake Bali
Floral Extravaganza Chocolate with Blue & Green
Floral Extravaganza Blue & Green
Blushing Bride Blue Asian
Blushing Bride Blue Blonde
Blushing Bride Blue Brunette
Blushing Bride Charcoal African American
Blushing Bride Charcoal Blonde
Floral Corners Chocolate with Blue
Floral Corners Blue
Floral Corners Chocolate with Pink
Floral Corners Pink
Floral Corners Green
Couple's Shower - Brunette
Perfect in Purple Bride - Blonde
Perfect in Pink Bride - Brunette
Bridal Side Grey Redhead with Pink Ribbon
Bridal Side Bali Blonde with White Ribbon
Beautiful In Blue
Beautiful in Blue Bride - Blonde
Engraved Floral Escape
Engraved Floral Hydrangea
Engraved Floral Lime
Engraved Floral Pink
Bride with Curtain Bali
Bride with Curtain Pink
On This Day Bali
On This Day Pink
On This Day Taupe
On This Day Wasabi
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Pink
Wedding Cake Green
Wedding Couple Bali
Wedding Couple Buttercup
Wedding Couple Pink
Wedding Couple Wasabi
Chandelier Shower - Gray (Blonde)
The Happiest Couple - Blue (Brunette)
Here Comes The Bride! - Blue (Blonde)
Bridal Beauties (Brunette)
Green Brocade Bridal
Bridal Gown Blue
Collegiate Dark Blue
Collegiate Light Blue
Collegiate Red and Blue
Collegiate Purple
Collegiate Maroon and Yellow
Collegiate Maroon and Black
Collegiate Purple and Orange
Collegiate Dark Orange
Collegiate Orange
Collegiate Blue and Orange
Collegiate Blue and Yellow
Collegiate Black and Yellow
Collegiate Purple and Yellow
Collegiate Green and Yellow
Collegiate Black and Green
Collegiate Green
Fanciful Blue Bridal Shower Square
The Perfect Dress Pink Bridal Shower
Introducing the Future Mrs. Charcoal Photo Bridal Shower
To Have And To Hold Pink Bridal Shower
Black Bow on Blue Damask
White Bow on Blue
Black Bow on Pink Damask
Coral Bow on Turquoise
Kissing Couple - Blonde
Kissing Couple - Multicultural
Kitchen Bride Ochre
Help the bride-to-be ease into her married life by making sure she has all the essentials she’ll need when she becomes his wife! Our collection of bridal shower invitations features a variety of invitations to match the bride-to-be’s unique style and needs. Choose from general bridal shower invitations for a classic bridal shower or a themed bridal shower invitation to specify exactly what she needs for her married life! Choose from an array of shower themes featuring an around the clock bridal shower invitation, linen and lingerie, around the house, couples shower, stock the kitchen, stock the bar and more!

In need of some etiquette advice? Check out our bridal shower etiquette guide and learn from the pros at!