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Bridal Luncheon Invitations

Your bridesmaids are by your side every step of the way during your wedding planning, from choosing your wedding invitations to dress shopping, shower planning and calling multiple wedding vendors. Turn the tables around and shower your bridesmaids with a bridal luncheon in their honor. This collection of bridal luncheon invitations features a variety of elegant bridal themes to set the scene for your special luncheon. Choose from bridal luncheon invitations with floral borders, tall wedding cakes, bridesmaids' dresses, floral patterns, tea parties, bridal dresses and more. Your bridesmaids will be touched that you wanted to honor them before your wedding day. Set the scene with one of our elegant bridal luncheon invitations.

Eggplant Maids
I DO Shoes
Brides Lunch Table Buttercup
Bride Speak
Engraved Floral Lime
Filigree Dress Pink
Snazzy Maids
High Tea
Lace Bride
Colorful Flowers
Navy Maids
Spring Maids
Beautiful Bride
Bridal Side Pink Brunette
Black and White Floral Pattern
Bridesmaid Sky
Tea Bride
Bridal Side Grey Brunette
Floral Extravaganza Pink & Green
Pretty Topiaries
Pink Bouquets
Maids in a Row Belladonna
Filigree Dress Bali with Ribbon
Blushing Bride Brunette
Floral Corners Yellow
Spring Mix
Harlequin Roses
Teal Truffle Cake
Leopard Linen Invite
Love is in the Air
Bridal Side Wasabi Redhead
Tissue Petals
Pretty Pink Flowers
Cupcake Rings
Pink Topiaries
My Bridal Tea
Orange Poppies
Bridesmaid Feet
Shells Cake
Bride with Gift Yellow
Mannequin Maids
Vintage Dress Form
Bridesmaids Lunch - Blue & Brunette
Bridal Side Bali Brunette
Summer Wedding
Just Married
Rose Cake
Lunch Ladies
Simply Brunch Invitations
French Floral Red
Teacup Peony
Maids Lunch
Blushing Bride Chocolate
Bridal Gown Blue
Broach - Mustard
Mod Bride
Gossamer Wings
Chevron Maids
Shower Silhouette
Ladies Only Invitations
Save the Date Bulletin Invitiations
Pretty Monogram
Just Married Banner
Luxe Cream
Outdoor Setting
Lunch Girls
Wedding Brunch Ticket
Newlyweds Ticket
Filigree Dress Pink with Ribbon
Filigree Dress Lavender
Filigree Dress Bali
Filigree Dress Berry
Blushing Bride Blonde
Pink Truffle Cake
Bridal Side Grey Blonde
Bridal Side Pink Blonde
Filigree Dress Lavender with Ribbon
Bridal Side Pink African American
Floral Extravaganza Blue & Green
Filigree Dress Berry with Ribbon
Brides Lunch Table Belladonna
Filigree Dress Yellow with Ribbon
Floral Corners Green
Bridal Side Grey Redhead
Blue Truffle Cake
Bridal Side Bali Redhead
Bridal Side Wasabi Brunette
Filigree Dress Yellow
Bridal Side Bali Blonde
Bridal Side Wasabi Blonde
Floral Corners Chocolate with Pink
Blushing Bride African American
Floral Corners Chocolate with Blue
Brides Lunch Table Azalea
Maids in a Row Black
Bella Bridesmaids (Blonde)
Bride with Gift Bali
Engraved Floral Escape
Floral Corners Blue
Brides Lunch Table Bali
Maids in a Row Berry
Blushing Bride Asian
Leopard Green Invite
Bridal Side Pink Redhead
Brides Lunch Table Pink
Bride with Gift Apple
Bridesmaids Champagne Venice
Maids in a Row Bali
Bride with Gift Pink
Bridesmaids Berry Black
Floral Corners Pink
Bridesmaids Lunch - Pink & Blonde
Bridal Side Bali African American
Engraved Floral Azalea
Bridal Side Wasabi African American
Maids in a Row Wasabi
Bridal Gown Pink
Bridesmaids Lunch - Blue & Blonde
Bridesmaids Belladona Silver
Engraved Floral Pink
Bridesmaids Lunch - Pink & Brunette
Engraved Floral Hydrangea
Bridesmaids Bali Light Gray
Bride with Gift Lavender
Floral Extravaganza Chocolate with Blue & Green
Bridal Side Grey African American

Planning your wedding can be a very stressful time – where would you be without the help of your amazing bridesmaids? Many brides have taken it upon themselves to host a bridal luncheon in honor of their bridesmaids to thank them for all of their help, support and assistance in planning their wedding. A few days before the wedding, host a bridal luncheon for all of your bridal party to attend. You may even want to ask your mother or the mother of the groom to attend. At your luncheon, spend time socializing with your wedding party and be sure to thank them for their support. You may want to give the bridal party their wedding gifts at this time.

This collection of bridal luncheon invitations will set the scene for your luncheon with classic, delicate and elegant bridal luncheon invitations which showcase the importance of your special bridal event while honoring each of your bridesmaids. Choose from contemporary floral bridal luncheon invitations, tea party bridal shower luncheon invitations, cake bridal luncheon invites, patterned bridal luncheon invitations, gift themed bridal luncheon invitations or wedding party bridal luncheon invitations. Whether you are hosting a bridal tea, brunch at a local café or a luncheon at your home, your bridesmaids will feel extra special attending your event which was created in their honor. Make your bridal party's day special with a bridal luncheon invitation to set the scene.